Hallowe’en 2015!

Hey there and happy Thursday! I’m realising to keep things interesting on the blog I have to write about light-hearted things too and that includes the epic time of year that is upon us at the moment: Hallowe’en!

I’m a big fancy dress fan and that is because I have worked for a student fancy dress company but anyway, that’s besides the point. Last night I went out for my friend’s 23rd birthday party and he made it Hallowe’en dress up.

If you can’t imagine the results of me at a fancy dress party, with alcohol, celebrating a birthday – well you don’t have to look very far because I have uploaded the BEST of the worst photos from the night on my Facebook Profile!

Have a good look and see if you can beat my fancy dress… I would like to guess you can’t but come on, prove me wrong! Comment below a link to your best Hallowe’en fancy dress from either this year or a previous year and we will see! Share the gory love.

Anyway, have a good Hallowe’en this weekend and remember to be save. It’s never nice to trick people……. Too much ;).

All the best!



Hugo and the Streets: Youth Homelessness (Pt.1)

Hey there, if you don’t know me I think it’s a good idea to mention now that trying to prevent Youth Homelessness is one of the topics that I have SO much passion for. This stems from personal experience of being homeless/roofless and moving on with my life to the point of happiness with how far I have come.

I’ll take you back to when I was 18:

In November 2008 I split from my ex-partner whom I lived in Hereford with. I was in college and family relationships were strained and nearly broken completely. I sofa-surfed for most of 3 months until I was finally housed in a outreach supported house in January 2009. The sofa surfing lost me many friends by the end of it and I had to drop out of college fairly quickly into December because I couldn’t sustain my education whilst I had no home. Just before becoming homeless, I was recruited as a member on the Herefordshire Shadow Board for young people by College which met monthly and talked about different policy that would effect young people in the County. This Board would later become where my youth work career was born.

I was made homeless. I had my worldly belongings on me in a sports bag and a rucksack… 2 bags with my life in them. I had 20p in my pocket for over 6 weeks, could not work, could not claim benefit, could not do anything other than call up anyone I could to get somewhere to stay that night. I sometimes stayed on Nightstop which is a charitable programme where you are put up by a host family for a night – fed, watered, hot water and a bed for the night or more.

SHYPP in Hereford were my lifesavers and without them, I would not be here at all today – FACT.

SHYPP, which celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary when I was in the service, were the key to me being able to get a flat, gain employment and eventually get to University! But before all of that, they offered me a support worker who became the person I relied on for everything. Alongside that they also gave me counselling and this enabled me to have my 1 hour in the week to vent and let off steam/cry… Sometimes it would be endless crying. Continue reading “Hugo and the Streets: Youth Homelessness (Pt.1)”