Hallowe’en 2015!

Hey there and happy Thursday! I’m realising to keep things interesting on the blog I have to write about light-hearted things too and that includes the epic time of year that is upon us at the moment: Hallowe’en!

I’m a big fancy dress fan and that is because I have worked for a student fancy dress company but anyway, that’s besides the point. Last night I went out for my friend’s 23rd birthday party and he made it Hallowe’en dress up.

If you can’t imagine the results of me at a fancy dress party, with alcohol, celebrating a birthday – well you don’t have to look very far because I have uploaded the BEST of the worst photos from the night on my Facebook Profile!

Have a good look and see if you can beat my fancy dress… I would like to guess you can’t but come on, prove me wrong! Comment below a link to your best Hallowe’en fancy dress from either this year or a previous year and we will see! Share the gory love.

Anyway, have a good Hallowe’en this weekend and remember to be save. It’s never nice to trick people……. Too much ;).

All the best!



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