Homelessness and Power

Power. What is power and how does homelessness fit into the meaning of power?

Power is something that you are given, by people or individuals and it is down to you how you manage your power. From my experience being homeless and not having a shelter, readily and freely available access to food, water, heat, security, money, cleaning facilities – it makes you feel powerless. Yet there are people who can and sometimes do help – but a lot of the time that isn’t the people in the most power I.E politicians.

These were my words to a filmmaker who did a film about homelessness in the Middle East the other day:

The poor are always pushed away and not listened too. It’s sickening.
There is not one country I know of where homelessness isn’t a humanitarian crisis to some extent – and yet the Government’s like to look after the ones who have the money, the power and the ones who look after the richest and most powerful in society.

Well, not if I have anything to do about it. Enough groups campaign but they are bound my certain regulations through funding – well I’m a solo agent and I WILL get the message to the top of the agenda. I make a promise to young homeless people they have a voice representing them. And that isn’t just in the UK – across the pond in the US the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth have picked up on my story and also Ireland’s Peter McVerry Trust & Kids Need A Home!

I feel more should be done in the UK about the crisis that we are facing and is still rising. History shows us that in every recession, there is always a spike in homelessness, especially youth homelessness. Here is what the UK’s Faculty of Public Health states:

There is evidence that the UK recession has led to an increase in homelessness, The UK Government homeless statistics for the quarter April to June 2011 showed local authorities had accepted 11,820 applicants categorised as homeless – a 17% increase from the same period in 2010. Through housing market pressures, cuts in housing benefit and housing budgets alongside reforms in the Welfare Reform and the Localism Bills, it is feared the cumulative effects will almost certainly cause homelessness to increase further.

Reference: http://www.fph.org.uk/the_impact_of_the_uk_recession_and_welfare_reform_on_mental_health

So my meeting with Robin Walker, Conservative MP for Worcester on Wednesday 11th November 2015, was a time where I put across my concerns with what is being done. I quoted to him that recession = more homelessness and he agreed with this fact. He assured me he will be passing on the details of my Campaign to the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, Greg Clark.

Young People need to have assurances from the people in power that things will be done to improve their chances of getting the RIGHT SUPPORT for them to succeed in their life. We need to look after the future of our Country – as I’m sure we don’t want them to be even worse than the generation before them!

If you support this, please share this article via email, social media and by showing to your friends & family – all together, we will make a difference for young homeless people – present and future.

Thank you, Hugo.

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