The emotional touching

As many have said to me the last few days – they are very proud of me for what I’m doing and the message coming out of the #YouthHomelessness Campaign. I would really like to say thanks to every message, Tweet, email, hug, smile and thumbs up. Some of the comments and warmth I have had have touched my emotions and tugged at the heart strings!

This warmth that you are showing me, is the same warmth that I felt when my support worker from SHYPP gave me. Even if it meant I sat in front of her and cried my eyes out – she still supported me and showed me compassion. The same compassion that you are showing me every day, even if I don’t know you!

The same compassion is what we all need in times of dire straights – and that could be the simplest of things. As the National Youth Reference Group taught me in the 6 years I was with them:

” The smallest thing tends to make the biggest impact “

So all those thanks and love you show me through my Campaign about my experience 7 years ago still have a tremendous impact on me – even right now writing this.
Keep up to date with the Campaign – I have a lot of media interest and leads which are being followed up INCLUDING BBC Breakfast and The Guardian! More to follow…

All the best,



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