Campaign Update 16/11/15 (inc. EXCLUSIVE)

Hi guys,

Firstly – I would like to say that I felt it right to suspend my Campaign on the weekend based on the horrific attacks on Paris, Beirut and Lebanon over the last few days and so I thank your support.

However, I’m not going to let any terrorist act stop my message from being spread!

So, before I left it alone for the weekend, last week saw me endlessly on Twitter, emails and talking to people about the Campaign. This proved to be really good as the views went up and more positive feedback was received. I am currently in the process of working through the strategic direction of the Campaign and where to take it from here and focus my energies. There are two strands to the Campaign;

The message: “By having a positive mind frame, homelessness can turn from being a lifestyle to being just a hurdle in a young person’s life”

My reasoning: “I want to get Youth Homelessness into the hearts of MP’s, like it’s in the heart of me.

The two strands are equally as important – and maybe it’s about joining up the two?! We will see…  But before I think of the strategic direction too much, being a Youth and Community Worker makes me want to talk to people in person – so I am in the process of organising a live talk in Worcester City Centre to members of the public. As much as the newspaper article really helped in raising awareness, I don’t believe there is nothing like meeting the person behind the news. I will be sure to post this nearer the time.


Yep, you’re the first to publically know… Ben Smith, a ‘YouTuber’ from Coventry, will be making a video about homelessness inspired by my experience and Blog! Here is how he announced it to his 12.9k Followers on Saturday:

Nov 14 Coventry, England Going to be making a video raising awareness of homelessness soon thanks to inspiration of – All money raised will go to charity!

I had talked to him before about the possibility on the very slim chance he would reply, and well… It seems to have paid off! That is all I know at the moment, so you had better Subscribe to my blog to find out more!


Thanks for reading, and I hope you are as excited about the video as me! Campaign Vlog #2 will be up soon, as promised. But I am off to get an early night before I start my first day at my new placement, Hereford’s SHYPP!!!! You know, that organisation that saved my life… Yeah, that one!

See you soon, Hugo x

P.S I promise to be better at blogging more often!


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