Today (19th November 2015) my Campaign officially reached the Houses of Parliament. Mentioned in Westminster Hall, House of Commons on a debate about Male Suicide and International Men’s Day.

My MP, Robin Walker, who I met on Wednesday 11th November for 45 minutes and presented my Campaign to said this in the debate:

One issue that we have not touched on much in the debate is homelessness. Men are more likely to be homeless and sleep rough: I think that 87% of rough sleepers are men. A constituent of mine, Hugo Sugg, has talked about how sleeping rough drove him to thoughts of suicide. He now wants to campaign for a better attitude towards youth homelessness and how we encourage people to look at those who are suffering from homelessness, to give them a chance to turn their lives around, working with some of the fantastic charities in this space. Will the Minister join me in paying tribute to the charities and organisations that campaign on homelessness for the job they do in saving men from suicide?

Rt Hon Alistair Burt, MP for North East Bedfordshire replied:

…Housing and homelessness are closely connected with the problem we are discussing, and I commend the constituent that my hon. Friend the Member for Worcester mentioned…

(Read the whole debate at the following link: Hansard, UK Parliament.)

This is an amazing achievement and one I never expected, especially this quickly. I will be getting the official video footage from the Parliament website too.

In response, I will be writing to Mr Walker personally to thank him for mentioning my Campaign in the establishment where Policy, Debates and Law is created.

This acknowledgment gives me the ability to say that I have been officially in Parliament and could lead for more and wider media coverage about my story and the messages behind it.

I would like to commend Mr Walker for mentioning my Campaign when he didn’t have to, and everyone to date who has supported and followed my Campaign.

Because of the momentum this Campaign has created, I am exploring the option to make it official and registered with Companies House in some aspect. A Community Interest Company is a possible option, so is a Foundation or Charity – I would like to turn this Campaign from being a one-man-band into a working organisation which can really make a difference not only in one place, but many!


Join the ever-growing Movement via Twitter: #HugosEarthquake


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