Spending Review: My thoughts.

So the UK Chancellor’s Spending Review is being delivered today and I personally estimate that it will not make me smile with joy when it comes to support for homeless people, especially the young.

The last 8 years has been crippling for homeless people – as the recession hit, homelessness rose then to add in the (debatable) reforms to the youth service, welfare and health and social care. Although the Conservatives’ have been getting this Country back to it’s feet, it has been at the cost of many people’s every day livelihoods.

I can see this Spending Review not making allowances for the continuing difficulties that young homeless people face. I’m pleased that Robin Walker mentioned my Campaign in Parliament last week, but more needs to be done to send the above message into the heart of the politician’s who probably haven’t been, nor will be, homeless.

As I have always said, it’s good to get the country back to it’s feet financially and although I slide towards Labour, I do agree with the idea of getting things back to what it was – although no one can take the socialist out of me!

Over the coming days, I will be following up official analysis of the Spending Review and what it means specifically for the homeless population. But until then, it’s time to up our Campaign game and…

“Get homelessness into the heart of MP’s, like it’s in the heart of us”!


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