Key Supporters: WM Housing

If you didn’t know, WM Housing is the organisation SHYPP sit under and are key supporters in my Campaign.

Today I met with the Managing Director, Sam Pratley to talk about the Campaign and what I am trying to achieve. Sam was the Head of SHYPP when I was in the service, and someone that I hold the utmost respect for. In relation to the Campaign he has personally offered his support in his role and also the Communication Team resources that WM Housing have to help develop the marketing of #HugosEarthquake. I will be taking this offer up and using it to support the messages I am getting across.

Since the meeting this morning I have dedicated the rest of today into really firming up my Campaign messages and further exploring ways to turn this from being a one-man band to an official body.

I will be working on this and will launch the provisional plans on the 5th December at my live talk in Worcester City Centre.

Please make sure you join the event here: Youth Homelessness Campaign Live | #HugosEarthquake.

I look forward to updating you with more progress as it happens – make sure to follow my Twitter account and the #HugosEarthquake hashtag for all the latest!

Until next time, keep warm!


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