Been away for a bit… But never too far!

Hey there! Apologies for not keeping you up to date. Safe to say that the argument with the City Council wiped me out… Even though I won and they apologised.

The Campaign movement has been winding down for Christmas although themes and messages which feature in the main #HugosEarthquake are still being pumped out – it’s good for me to recognise people will be focussing on their Christmas.

It doesn’t spell anywhere near the end for my Campaign as homelessness is a year-round issue. I will be restarting early January and going back to the media to publicise it. Another #HugosEarthquake LIVE event is on the cards for early 2016 too!

If you’d like to get involved in the Campaign – please drop me a message either on or and I will respond. Remember, have a good Christmas and spare a thought for those that won’t be as fortunate as you this year.




#HugosEarthquake LIVE: 05/12/15 – Full coverage coming soon.

Full coverage of my 2 hour talk will be published very soon, including quotes, photographs and video footage.

Thank you to each and every one of you who supported by watching online, in person or via social media with your kind words. I had a fantastic day and really did make shockwaves!

Pressuring for Worcester City Council to apologise

You should have heard by now, but if you haven’t – Worcester City Council’s Housing Manager Nina Warrington, has said live on BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio that homelessness is ‘a lifestyle choice’ (See Worcester News article here).

I, among others, am calling on the Council to formally apologise for these disgusting, rude, offensive and crass comments. All the latest on the issue and what I’m doing about it can be found on my Twitter below:

Please Tweet me your feedback and take part in the poll which is pinned to the top of my profile page.


#HugosEarthquake LIVE: 05/12/15

Getting nervous now, but all is good! Got all my thermals on and I’m ready to go!

I will be talking  in depth about my experience LIVE, but here’s the bones of it:

Hope to see you at the Guildhall, watch the live stream via Periscope or join in the conversation using #HugosEarthquake on social media.

#HugosEarthquake Live: All systems go… Nearly!

In the midst of preparing for tomorrow’s live talk, the nerves are setting in a little as this is the first talk I have done about my homeless experience, where I don’t know the audience. Normally it’s housing professionals or homeless young people I talk to, so they know what’s coming and I know the audience numbers before I go in there… Not tomorrow!

I am really excited now, especially because we secured the video recording equipment at 3.30pm today… Talk about cutting it fine! But it’s sorted now. ID Badges, photographer, video equipment, location and posters sorted, now it’s just whether the weather holds off!
In terms of the speeches, I’m not one for scripts because their too structured, but it’s feeling like I need something which keeps me on track tomorrow… So bullet points it will be.

Now it’s the final marketing push tonight and tomorrow and away we go for 2pm, outside the Guildhall! If you can join, please do – but if you can’t or prefer to watch it from the comfort of where you are, it will be streamed live. Make sure you look out on my Twitter account for the live stream link from Periscope.
If you have any questions for the Q&A session at 3pm, please message me them and I will make sure they are answered. Tweet them to me, or use the Campaign hashtag: #HugosEarthquake.

Until tomorrow, ciao!

#SyriaVote: My full thoughts.

Hilary Benn said this tonight:
“They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy, the means by which we will make our decision tonight, in contempt.”

Shame that the MP’s who supposedly ‘represented the electorate’ on the ‪#‎SyriaVote‬ don’t hold the majority public’s belief, tolerance and decency not to bomb Syria from the air.

Oh, and then it comes down to our democracy. The voice of the people, the electorate and it’s brothers and sisters who aren’t able to vote yet. They (and we who vote) make decisions for our future that will potentially kill them sooner than expected, make them jobless before their time, send them to unjust wars when they need not to be fought and ultimately SET THEM UP TO FAIL.

This vote on Syria isn’t the first and it won’t be the last – but it is a key decision made in the face of the world that is on social media. It isn’t about just the electorate who can vote, it’s about the opinion on social media where it’s not as controlled like state-run organisations which have political, money and religious ties.

Members of the public, young people included, have spoken out many a time about not going to war, reforming tax credits and the outcome of General Elections. But not always listened too by the Powerhouse of Representatives AKA Member’s of Parliament.

This vote on Air Strikes on Syria is a theoretical step in the right direction to defeat ‘Deash’, but in reality isn’t going to stop them without committing so many innocent murders and millions of pounds of damage.

Democracy is a tough thing – there’s always different sides of the arguments but we all unite in one thing: To make the right decision for the benefit of the present AND future. We cannot always make decisions which suit us in the short term, but set us back further down the line.
I am disgusted that by tomorrow night at least 1 innocent resident of Syria will have died because of the 397 MP’s saying yes tonight. The target is of cause the evil, but that is impossible. There will be innocent deaths, and this should be remembered more than the ‘success’ that Government and other states want.

My stance on armed/violent conflict:
“A child in the playground is innocent to the bullying that is happening next to them. But that child should not just stand there, they should intervene in the most humane way possible. That is not to fight physically”.

I urge all people, regardless of political or religious leanings, to pray for the people in Syria and Iraq who won’t wake up tomorrow or will wake up, but to the charred remains of their friends, relatives and neighbours next to them. It is a disgusting and horrible vision that not many of us thankfully will ever see in our life.

It’s time for us to go to sleep for another night and this out of ANY night, NOT take for granted that we can wake up tomorrow with 99% chance of not being attacked by a Country who thought it was a sensible idea to fill the skies with planes and the ground with missiles because of the minority of a few.

Good night Facebook friends, family and acquaintances and we will see each other tomorrow. I beg you sweet dreams but tonight, my heart is with you, Syria.


(Taken from my Facebook, see the status here:


MP’s voted just now to deliver air strikes in Syria.
There is now a horrible realisation that many innocent young people, families and victims will either not wake up tomorrow morning after being bombed to death, or they will be made homeless after towns and cities are destroyed by UK strikes.

Although the main reason is to defeat Daesh, violence does not solve violence. There needs to be a proper way of tackling this deeply concerning issue instead of killing. I don’t hold the answers – but I know that wasn’t the right one.

God bless all the innocent victims x

Preparing my ‘Maiden Speech’!

Saturday is the first day in which I talk live in person, openly to the general public, about my experience of Youth Homelessness and the challenges I and many other young people face. And although not a speech in Parliament like the term Maiden Speech comes from, it is no less a very important and landmark day for #HugosEarthquake.

It is a day where I take myself to new levels of exposure and openly take questions from members of the public who have never met or seen me let alone hear me talk so candidly.


I’m preparing bullet points and facts ready to present on Saturday, without focusing on one thing too much, but not missing too much out of the many different aspects of homelessness.

No matter how politicians, actors, TV presenters, speakers etc. make it look easy, it’s a nerve-racking experience to get up there and speak to people who don’t know you.

Follow my Campaign on my Twitter: @HugoSugg and Tweet your support using #HugosEarthquake. Also feel free to ask any questions by these means and I will reply to them on Saturday at the 2 Q&A sessions.