#HugosEarthquake Live: All systems go… Nearly!

In the midst of preparing for tomorrow’s live talk, the nerves are setting in a little as this is the first talk I have done about my homeless experience, where I don’t know the audience. Normally it’s housing professionals or homeless young people I talk to, so they know what’s coming and I know the audience numbers before I go in there… Not tomorrow!

I am really excited now, especially because we secured the video recording equipment at 3.30pm today… Talk about cutting it fine! But it’s sorted now. ID Badges, photographer, video equipment, location and posters sorted, now it’s just whether the weather holds off!
In terms of the speeches, I’m not one for scripts because their too structured, but it’s feeling like I need something which keeps me on track tomorrow… So bullet points it will be.

Now it’s the final marketing push tonight and tomorrow and away we go for 2pm, outside the Guildhall! If you can join, please do – but if you can’t or prefer to watch it from the comfort of where you are, it will be streamed live. Make sure you look out on my Twitter account for the live stream link from Periscope.
If you have any questions for the Q&A session at 3pm, please message me them and I will make sure they are answered. Tweet them to me, or use the Campaign hashtag: #HugosEarthquake.

Until tomorrow, ciao!


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