It’s been sometime but I’m still here!

Hey there!

Well it seems like an age since I last updated this – and it is! Since January, I have been campaigning with Herefordshire SHYPP which was the organisation that housed me all those years ago… They have been threatened with 66% cuts from the Local Authority.
Along with SHYPP young people and staff I have been Campaigning hard, meeting with young people and the proudest achievement – being on ITV Central News!!
We are awaiting to hear what the Council proposal is going to be in light of the Campaign and I will keep you posted.

Another thing I have been doing in the last few weeks has been thinking about where next to take the #HugosEarthquake Campaign. One idea is to offer school talks, homeless awareness workshops and motivational speaking! These are on the back of an email I received from a high school in Ledbury – asking if I could come in and do a talk to Year 10 students about my experiences and also the Campaign I have been running.
I will let you know when this is organised!

In the midst of this, I been running an awareness Campaign in relation to students at the University of Worcester. By offering advice about tenancies and the dangers of rogue student landlords, I have been able to inform students about the dangers of signing any tenancy when it seems too good to be true.
This came about after a meeting with a member of the Accommodation Team at the University, and advised them to bring the Worcester housing website for students forward so to better protect students – and they seemed very keen to listen to this and take it away to think about.

Awareness in Worcester, and especially the University, has been raised about the issue of homelessness – and this is thanks to the media covering more things and also the public reading and talking about this blog/my Campaign.

I really appreciate all the support, and I want to know what YOU would like to see from the Campaign. Please email me on or contact me on my Twitter… I’m really open to ideas and comments.


My next blog post will be about my submission to the Department of Communities and Local Government Committee Inquiry into the Causes of Homelessness and how to Tackle it.

Until then, thanks once more!


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