University of Worcester Ethical Statement for Independent Study

To all supporters and readers,

Due to my final year Independent Study at the University of Worcester being centred around this Campaign, I am required by the University to write a public ethical statement on this Blog and social media in relation to my Campaign.

This Campaign Blog and its social media counterpart is in the public domain and access is free at any point and I hold no record of who just views it. The only time I can see a record of access is when interaction from you to this Campaign is made. That interaction may be ‘following’, commenting, ‘Tweeting’, emailing or any other form where a notification to the editor [me] is made. Please see the authorised Ethical Statement that has been approved by my Independent Study Supervisor:

In regards to the collection of consent, I will ensure a statement is on the front page of my Campaign Blog so to allow people to make the decision as to proceed with making a comment about the content etc. In relation to social media and because my Campaign social media channels are ‘public forums’, it is part of the general understanding that if I am contacted, they make the conscious choice to put that in the public domain. As an extra strand of caution, before any feedback or comments from social media about the campaign go into my Study, I will seek to get written approval from these contributors to use their content and whether they’d like it anonymised for the purpose of this study. 

Please note that by just viewing this Campaign Blog or the attached Social Media channels will NOT record your details and I cannot collect any information about you. If you make a public interaction which others can see as well as myself (any written interaction outside of 1-1 email contact), you have consented to that information potentially being used in my Independent Study.

If needed, I will seek to get permission from you to use your interaction and its contents in the Study. You do not have to reply, however I may include your identifiable (social media username, email etc.) information in my Study as you have deemed to consented to it being in the public domain. Any data I use from you in regards your interaction with any part of the Campaign will be referenced in the Independent Study Bibliography.

If you have any issues or questions with this Ethical Statement, its contents or what your information will be used for, please contact myself or my Independent Study Supervisor at first instance:

Student: Hugo Sugg
Academic Course: Youth and Community Services BA (Hons)
University of Worcester Department: Institute of Health and Society – Health and Applied Social Sciences

Independent Study Supervisor: Dr Wayne Richards
University of Worcester Department: Institute of Health and Society – Health and Applied Social Sciences
Title: Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01905 855126

* Please note this email is only to be used in regards to my Independent Study and ethical concerns you have, and not for contact about my Campaign in general. My official Campaign email is


Written and published on 27th March 2016.


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