I need your help… How can I campaign more effectively?

Becoming an activist isn’t as easy as it looks, and anyone who has watched ‘Made in Dagenham‘ will know what I’m talking about. I did it on my own after watching this film in a lecture at Uni, back in November!

I originally started this blog writing about many things from LGBT young people to being a first generation student to issues around gender equality. Youth homelessness wasn’t the main aspect of it, but after the very positive (in the whole) attention this topic bought inside the media and amongst friends – I decided to run with it a lot more. That is how #HugosEarthquake as you know it today, started back in November 2015 and developed since.

My Independent Study (IS) provisional title is ‘Exploring the journey on how to become an effective social activist’ and will look at how this blog, social media, your support, my action and literature informs my activism and wanting to make a social change. For my IS, I have to write reflective journals about the way I came to be an activist and how successful/effective I am…

And this is where you come in… How effective do you think I have been, and what do you think I need to do to change my activism/approach for the better? Please be completely honest as it will only help me do a better job.

My main goal is to get people thinking more about homelessness, it’s causes and effects and what can be done to challenge this huge issue that sits all around us… How do you think I can do this? Please comment below, and you can remain entirely anonymous, but I might use your comments in my Study. Nothing will identify you if you don’t want that though.

You can make an account on WordPress for free to comment on this blog post, you can Tweet me, Facebook me, email me or tell me in person. However you feel comfortable – just know that whatever you say will genuinely help my campaign.

Thank you in advance!
Hugo x


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