I’m still around… In the background!

Hey guys, hope you are well!

Just to quickly let you know that I am alive and still here. Because of the sheer amount of University work I have at the moment, I am taking a back step to the Campaign until June. I feel bad for this, but I want to complete and round off 4 years of stress, panic, fun, education and something where all the odds were stacked against me! University has really been a character-building experience, and it’s something I will never forget!

My dissertation (final year big study) is based on the topic of how to be an effective social activist which – in simpler terms – is how to campaign and make it work. So as you can imagine, I’m really thinking about the campaign and the future on how to take it forward… And would welcome any suggestions if you have any! Drop me a line if you do.

Meanwhile, I am still around if you have any questions and I will reply however output from me will be limited until after May. I hope you understand my supporters and just to let you know – I really do appreciate all the support you give to #HugosEarthquake!

Take care and see you soon,
Hugo x


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