Labour in Worcester Council & SO of Parliament

Just tonight, Worcester City Council has had a dramatic change of leadership as Labour have taken control!

Why does this matter? Well, in terms of the Campaign and my own political views, Labour our my ‘friends’ when it comes to supporting. That is NOT to say, however, Conservative’s have been unsupportive – because both the outgoing Worcester Mayor Cllr. Roger Knight and Worcester MP Mr Robin Walker have both supported #HugosEarthquake.

I will be very pleased to work alongside the Labour Leadership and will be holding them accountable as much as possible – regardless of my political leanings.

Aside from this, but loosely connected, tomorrow (Wednesday 18th May, 2016) is the official State Opening of Parliament where the Queen will read out the programme of legislation for the Parliamentary year. Housing is due to be on this, as there is a lot of political movement around the issue. I will be bringing you live updates (relating to housing) on my Twitter as the event happens and round up with an analysis afterwards.

Both of these events are crucial in terms of attention of the homeless issue both local to Worcester and the UK as a whole.

If you would like to email me about the campaign, please do on or message me on Twitter.


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