A ‘Call for Interest’: Outreach work for the homeless


It’s been a while since writing on here, and I go through bursts – so I’m sorry! But anyway, this post… I have been thinking that the campaign needs to be developed a bit more and change from being mainly online campaigning to more actual physical face to face work.

After being in Birmingham for a night out with friends last weekend, I saw many homeless on the streets and it dawned on me that sometimes I need to get out there, talk and work with the homeless to give them the voice they are missing. I got in touch with the Labour Campaign to End Homelessness on Twitter where they do an outreach project from King’s Cross in London every Thursday evening.

This is something I have been inspired by, and want to do. I will be joining the LCEH soon and want to see how they run it so I can hopefully set up my own outreach project for the #HugosEarthquake Campaign.

I want this to be run in Worcester, Hereford and then branch out to other locations. This project will be a key bit of the campaign future I will be developing over the coming months. I think the back door campaigning is good, and that’s where this campaign has started, however I have grown to want to do more hands on work and take the campaign to the next steps.

As with the whole campaign, I would like your involvement if you are willing to give it. So, this is a Call for Interest for all campaign followers and public to submit your interest in being a part of this new phase of the campaign. I would like to get opinions on how this will work, people to come out and do outreach when we are set up and donations of tea/coffee, old clothes, blankets etc.
If you would like to put your name forward, please email me on hugosugg@gmail.com or contact me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/HugoSugg) and we can arrange a Skype or phone call to talk. I don’t want to put pressure on anyone to do anything, so please don’t feel you have to commit as it is voluntarily.

Feel free to share this post amongst your friends, family and colleagues and any help from anywhere is amazing!

Thanks in advance,


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