EXCLUSIVE: My response to new youth homeless project in Worcester.

The iKozie is designed to house young people who find themselves homeless and provide a base to enable them get back on their feet.
Due to be used for move-on accommodation to help the homeless people transition from hostels into independent living, it features a living area, full-fitted kitchen complete with appliances, a bedroom and a bathroom.
(Credit: Worcester News)
#HugosEarthquake response:
“I think this project is a really good idea. I am very pleased to read that there is a dedicated support worker with the young people, as accommodation on its own is usually seen as the only solution but research shows a support worker is needed for a smooth transition.
One thing not mentioned in the article is how many young people this will house – and will it help bring down the numbers of homeless young people – or just stablise them?
There is also the point that are these homeless young people going to be supported just independent living, or education, employment or training also – and what hours a week is this worker on?
On the surface it is a great idea – and I am pleased the Homeless Foundation have been innovative whilst the City Council have been accepting of the project however before I offer my complete opinion, I would like to see more information on the points above. As a homeless campaigner, I welcome the move to supporting young people who are homeless, but feel that education around the realities of independent living needs to be given to year 10-11 students so they can make informed choices.
I would be happy to support the Homeless Foundation and other organisations to develop a programme of education for local schools to help bring down the numbers of homeless in the first place.”
– Hugo Sugg

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