SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: #ImPartOfTheEarthquake

Being a Grassroots Awareness Campaign means that it isn’t someone at the top who dictates or leads on their own – it means it’s a team effort!  I want you to show everyone that you support raising awareness of homelessness.
Copy the following when you post and tag your friends on Facebook/Twitter.

I support raising awareness of homelessness because →

• Print out the And I Support image from this blog post,
• Write your name,
• Write the reason you support the Campaign,
• Hold it up and get someone to take a snap,
• Upload it to Facebook and/or Twitter,
• Include the Hashtag #ImPartOfTheEarthquake
• Tag 5 friends or family in the post and
• Be part of an ever-growing homelessness awareness campaign!

THIS is Jess Anderson, a 20 year old Social Work BSc Honours student at the University of Gloucestershire (Worcester won against Glous. in Varsity AGAIN this year!). Today, she publicly declared that she supports #HugosEarthquake because:

“Individuals living on the street and do not have a home, need support for another chance at life! #Bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld”

Jess I support

Campaign supporter and advocate, Jess Anderson, posted her ‘I Support’ via #ImPartOfTheEarthquake on Facebook.

If you would like the campaign social media to share your #ImPartOfTheEarthquake picture, please do tag Hugo Sugg – Homeless Campaigner #HugosEarthquake on Facebook or

Thanks as ever for supporting the campaign in its 8th month!!!



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