The amazing work of Jessica Anderson! Suicide and homelessness are linked, and I am very pleased to announce a working partnership. Please do click on her blog:

Jessica Sarah

Hi everyone!

So I just thought I would take a few moments out of my revision to do a long awaited blog update.

The main thing about this post I am wanting to announce is that I will be hosting two HOPEWalks for Papyrus, prevention of young suicide.

This charity is so close to me from my personal history with my mental health around this area and the experience of close friends. Therefore, to be able to raise not just funds but awareness too is a huge goal of mine.

I have attached a link to the pictures below where you can read more about what work PAPYRUS carries out.

Click the image to take you to the PAPYRUS website

The two walks I am organizing are:

Haverfordwest HOPEWalk

Cheltenham HOPEWalk

The walks will be a short 5k around the towns and potentially start off with stalls giving away PAPYRUS…

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