#HugosEarthquake: #ImPartOfTheEarthquake Campaign Team

Hey there guys, just a quick Campaign update – taking a breather from #SomewhereInSummer – to let you know about some exciting news that deserves its own Campaign blog post!

So, I am very honoured to announce that I’m not the only one who makes #HugosEarthquake happen but instead I have a team who proudly state ‘#ImPartOfTheEarthquake’!
Each of them bring amazing skills qualities to the Campaign and together will help grow our messages and really help cause shockwaves in society.

Without further ado, in no particular order, let me introduce them:


University of Gloucester student, Jess, has come on board with the Campaign and wants to raise awareness of mental health and then link it in with homelessness. We have shared Starbucks at 2am, whilst chatting about everything and anything!

Jess is a really passionate supporter of the Campaign and this has inspired Jess’ own Campaign for mental health awareness.


An ex-service user and Chair of YAB of the Supported Housing for Young People’s Project in Hereford, Seb is dedicated and passionate to the cause of youth homelessness, winning the TPAS Tenant Of The Year: Central Region in 2015. When not working, you can find Seb volunteering for SHYPP, an organisation very close to his heart!

Seb has been a key supporter of the Campaign since the beginning and I am very pleased to have him on board helping to make the Campaign more publicised!


Andrew is a good friend of mine from the National Youth Reference Group and is such a passionate campaigner around mental health and Trans awareness.

As someone who has experienced homelessness himself, Andrew is an excellent contact to have and has the best interests of the people he meets in the centre of his personality. Andrew has been integral to the Campaign messages, and I am very proud to have him working on the cause.

Watch his amazing, inspirational awareness video here: Awareness by Andrew Kinnear.


After Tahriesche Tandy messaged the Campaign page asking for assistance on how else he and his uncle could help the homeless in his local area, we shared a lot in common including our University! We started talking and Tahriesche demonstrated an immense passion for homelessness and wanted to learn more.

Focusing on the physical work to homeless people, Tahriesche has done sleep-outs with the homeless to raise awareness and will add a new dimension to the Campaign!



Each of the volunteers have immense passion in their field and together will make the Campaign work better, more effectively and also support their work too so it is a two-way relationship. I’m very honoured to have these as a Campaign Team who are working so hard to give the homeless a voice, the moment they lose it.

If you would like to help out with the Campaign and spread its messages also, please get in contact with me using the form below, and I will reply as soon as possible:

Thank you for all your support, it really is invaluable!



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