CAMPAIGN UPDATE: July-August 2016

Hi all,

I am so sorry I haven’t done much blogging… It’s been really busy and I have missed catching you up with where the Campaign is up to!

We have got a new volunteer team based in locations in England, and they are working on taking the Campaign into their areas. Taking the Campaign out of Worcestershire and Herefordshire is definitely a huge step for both myself and the movement, and is showing our growth.

The Campaign has seen increased exposure since #SomewhereInSummer launched, including ITV Central News and newspapers which has been amazing! It has really pushed homelessness awareness up the agenda – and this is one of the main goals of the Campaign. I am busy planning with the team what the next sub-Campaign is going to look like after #SomewhereInSummer has died down… Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon.

On Somewhere In Summer, I have been doing more and more Facebook Live videos which have been gaining more and more views each time. Thank you for watching and sharing them!

So yeah… We filmed a documentary too! Well, part of a documentary! Volunteer and good friend of mine, Andy Kinnear from London, was a guest star in it! It is currently being edited and developed, with more on that in the coming weeks!

As you may or may not have noticed, the Campaign has really ranked up its output on social media and media! Newspapers, TV, new Twitter Handle and our Facebook page growing daily! It’s so amazing, and what I only dreamed of when I started it all off. I have had lots of messages of support from both the public and also organisations. Through this, I have met some truly amazing people along with even more amazing stories. I feel so privileged to know the experiences of others, because it’s their personal time and moments… There’s nothing more I treasure than the trust between two people who have been through their own wars, telling about those troubles.

It’s safe to say, the Campaign is moving quickly and will continue to grow. I am looking into how to turn it into a legal entity, set up an official bank account and turn it from being mostly a social media-based into an actual organisation.

I’m very proud and grateful of everyone who has worked on the Campaign… It wouldn’t be like this without you! ‘#HugosEarthquake’ might have my name in it, but I can assure you that I’m not the one that makes it great. Thank you for all the tags in homeless stories on Facebook, too… You really are the eyes and ears of the Campaign!

So there we have it… A brief Campaign update! Hopefully that has dosed you up on all things homelessness awareness! Watch out for Campaign videos on my Facebook coming up this week!

Much love and see you soon,

P.S. Please do contact us if you need to: #HugosEarthquake Facebook Page/Tweet us on Twitter/drop an email via the contact form:



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