Celebrate and debate on this #BankHolidayWeekend

Celebrate the fact you now probably have a long-awaited 3 day Bank Holiday Weekend but whilst you celebrate, start having a debate. A debate whether your behaviour to other people you meet on nights out is acceptable.

Why do I say that? Well, because as the Country erupts into 3 nights of solid celebration – we have to remember that there are homeless people out on the streets up and down the country. Street homeless people probably have little or nothing to celebrate about this weekend because they might not have a place to call home, money to celebrate with or can enjoy the fact they have a short time off work. Being homeless IS a job – it’s a job to keep yourself alive and cope with what the public throw at you (sometimes literally).

This object they throw at the homeless person could be change, but it could easily be a physical part of their body hitting them… Doesn’t happen you think? The feature image at the top of this post is evident, the moment where the attackers foot struck the homeless’ head. WATCH the all the chilling footage from January 2016 at the bottom of this post.

So I say this: Remember that YOU could be homeless at any point and live on the streets like this gentleman but by everyone showing someone respect this weekend because they are in a bad situation, will encourage more people to return this respect if you end up like this and so the ripple effect happens.
I say all of this not because I want to dampen anyone’s spirits, but instead just inject a shockwave which hopefully will improve attitudes towards the homeless this Bank Holiday and beyond.
Please share this post and let’s share a thought to the thousands in our towns and cities this weekend who aren’t having a celebration, but instead just about ‘living’ with the added dimension of living in possible fear and dread.
Thank you,
#HugosEarthquake | #SomewhereInSummer

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