#HugosEarthquake is asking you… #WhereIsYourNextHome?

#WhereIsYourNextHome? is a campaign that raises awareness of the pathways to homelessness, how easy it is to become homeless and where to go when faced with the prospect of homelessness.

Worcester is packed with services to help the homeless and vulnerable, but how many know they are there or that they can help? We aim to inform the public on the services that are around them, be it an issue with substances, housing, benefits, family or relationships.

‘Where Is Your Next Home?’ will run for a trial of 6 months and will consist of a heavy social media & press campaign and also release research about the ‘Pathways Model’ which is used to track the complex reasons why homelessness occurs.

For this Campaign we have a dedicated email address which you can contact to give us feedback, share your stories or make us aware of a service we have not publicised. The email is wiynh@hugosearthquake.org.

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#HugosEarthquake Next Campaign Launch: 1100 GMT

Tune in tomorrow morning on out social media for our next Campaign Launch!

Focussing on prevention, we launch a comprehensive Campaign  full of information and guidance.

We are keeping everything else shush until our launch! See you tomorrow morning!

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**OUR NEXT CAMPAIGN** + other news

I have some exciting news!!!! We are launching our next awareness campaign on Wednesday 28th October, and will be first based in Worcester City with the view to expanding it. Now, we can’t reveal ANYTHING before the launch, and I have only told a handful of people who have been sworn to secrecy!

What I can tell you though is it will shed a new light on situations you may find yourself in… The rest, I will leave you guessing. We have secured an unused hashtag, campaign artwork and a integrated partnership with agencies in Worcestershire to assist in our biggest campaign so far!

In other news, we have a bank account now! That means that we can raise money and spend it in an official capacity, which is accountable. When we have agreed our fundraising strategies, I will make sure you know how you can support us financially. I would like to say though, it’s not solely money which will keep us going – but instead your support and sharing our messages. That’s the most important!

Do get in touch with me if you need to… Drop me an email: hugo@hugosearthquake.org!
Until next time, stay safe!


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Are you interested in becoming a Trustee for a new and developing organisation? Hugo’s Earthquake are calling out for people who are interested in becoming a Trustee in an organisation. It isn’t as boring as it sounds, as it is a dynamic and exciting team which is using different methods to campaign for the homeless, give them better support and allows them to have a voice when they often lose it, the moment they become homeless.

If you are over 18, please do think about applying. One of the team will get back to you within 3 weeks of your submitted application, although this should be a lot sooner. If you are interested, please click the links below:

Trustee Application Flowchart: Click here.
Trustee Application Form and Guidance (Word 2003 onwards): Click here (please download the document to fill in).
Trustee Application Form and Guidance (Word 97-2003): Click here (please download the document to fill in).

If you have any questions about the Trustee position or application form – please don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form below and I will respond as soon as possible.

#HugosEarthquake press release: Worcester YMCA up for sale – response.

#HugosEarthquake Press Release: WORCESTER YMCA UP FOR SALE – RESPONSE, 14 SEPTEMBER 2016 | press@hugosearthquake.org

Hugo Sugg, founder of #HugosEarthquake and ex-resident of Worcester YMCA in 2012, has expressed his ‘concern’ at the sale of the 60-bed homeless hostel.

Worcester News have reported today that the building which used to be an orphanage is going up for sale at a price tag of £1,450,000 and the YMCA plan to sell, then lease it back until they find a home for the 60 residents who currently live there.

Through the Worcester News website, YMCA Worcestershire released this statement:

“It is our vision that YMCA moves forward in Worcestershire, providing modern facilities needed by the local community as well as accommodation better suited to the needs of the young people we support.

Part of this involves creating modern ‘campus-style’ housing that encourages our residents to take on training, education and employment opportunities available to them as they seek to move into independent living.”

Founder Hugo Sugg who lived there for 3 months in 2012 when he needed accommodation between his private rent and University accommodation responded to this news: “I am concerned to see the sale of a homeless hostel in Worcester, where homelessness is rising and services are increasingly under pressure with resources and numbers. It would have been my recommendation that they sourced options to move to before putting the building up for sale. I would be interested to know where they think they can ‘just house’ 60 people in a City Centre building…”

The organisation claims they will not make the 60 residents living there homeless and on the streets. For the Worcester News article, please click here.


Published on 14th September 2016 at 17.20.

If you have any comments, questions or queries about this Press Release, please email our Press Team at press@hugosearthquake.org.

My statement after #HomelessnessReductionBill first scrutiny meeting:

“After the first major scrutiny session of the #HomelessnessReductionBill – there are still major issues which need considering.
Including lack of commitment of resources, no Central Government policy/strategy and a huge concern over the vacuum of people who will be accepted as needing to help – but there won’t be any increase in resources.

I am very worried about the fact this Bill didn’t seek Government support first, but instead started out by a Member of Parliament in the Conservatives off the back of the CLG Committee Inquiry.

Although my rejections to not supporting the Bill are strong, I do support any move to reduce homelessness in theory.

#HugosEarthquake is a small organisation, with big shockwaves. I want to garner that support and help homelessness strategy and policy become a top priority for the Conservative Government.

If you agree, please message this page or email Hugo@hugosearthquake.org and we will be writing an Open Letter to submit to the Leader of the House of Commons, the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Department for Communities and Local Government.

Thank you for your continued support of our Campaign, and look forward to helping #HumaniseHomelessness.”

– Hugo Sugg

#HugosEarthquake Press Release: Homelessness Reduction Bill

#HugosEarthquake Press Release: STATEMENT ON HOMELESSNESS REDUCTION BILL, 04 SEPTEMBER 2016 | press@hugosearthquake.org

The Homelessness Reduction Bill is a Private Members’ Bill which was proposed by Bob Blackman MP (Harrow East) on Wednesday 29 June 2016. Although a sitting Conservative Member of Parliament has introduced this Bill, Mr Blackman is not a Government Minister and therefore this Bill is not Government Policy.

In theory, our Campaign supports any move towards reducing homelessness in the United Kingdom, but in reality we know this isn’t an easy issue to combat. Rob Blackman MP’s Bill aims to amend the Housing Act 1996 to make provision about measures for reducing homelessness; and for connected purposes. In essence, this will remove the ‘Priority Need’ test from any homelessness application made in England.

Hugo Sugg, Campaign Founder said:
“It is vital that the Government moves quickly to come up with a strategy to tackle homelessness, however this must come from the relevant Government Department. This Bill is good in theory however doesn’t take into account the huge resources that will drain Local Authorities, charities and organisations when approached by a homeless, or potentially homeless, person or family.

More housing, more support packages and more money will be needed if this Bill goes through. The current system is outdated, however it serves a purpose of sorting out the ones who need housing more than others. If this Bill comes into force, it will mean there is a vacuum where people are accepted as needing help with their homeless situation – however there will not be the resources to cope with this any more than under the current system.

As mentioned in our Response to the Homelessness Inquiry made by the Communities and Local Government Committee, we support the points raised in the Inquiry Report published in August 2016.”

Without Government-backing the resources necessary to meet demand – we don’t support this Bill being made into an Act of Parliament, but instead we would like to work with Government and organisations to help come up with a strategy which can deal with the increasing numbers of homelessness.


Published on 4th September 2016 at 17.20.

If you have any comments, questions or queries about this Press Release, please email our Press Team at press@hugosearthquake.org.


Exciting times here at #HugosEarthquake! We have a new email system and are building our team and locations across the UK. So far, we have the following Campaign Hubs:

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