#HugosEarthquake Press Release: Homelessness Reduction Bill

#HugosEarthquake Press Release: STATEMENT ON HOMELESSNESS REDUCTION BILL, 04 SEPTEMBER 2016 | press@hugosearthquake.org

The Homelessness Reduction Bill is a Private Members’ Bill which was proposed by Bob Blackman MP (Harrow East) on Wednesday 29 June 2016. Although a sitting Conservative Member of Parliament has introduced this Bill, Mr Blackman is not a Government Minister and therefore this Bill is not Government Policy.

In theory, our Campaign supports any move towards reducing homelessness in the United Kingdom, but in reality we know this isn’t an easy issue to combat. Rob Blackman MP’s Bill aims to amend the Housing Act 1996 to make provision about measures for reducing homelessness; and for connected purposes. In essence, this will remove the ‘Priority Need’ test from any homelessness application made in England.

Hugo Sugg, Campaign Founder said:
“It is vital that the Government moves quickly to come up with a strategy to tackle homelessness, however this must come from the relevant Government Department. This Bill is good in theory however doesn’t take into account the huge resources that will drain Local Authorities, charities and organisations when approached by a homeless, or potentially homeless, person or family.

More housing, more support packages and more money will be needed if this Bill goes through. The current system is outdated, however it serves a purpose of sorting out the ones who need housing more than others. If this Bill comes into force, it will mean there is a vacuum where people are accepted as needing help with their homeless situation – however there will not be the resources to cope with this any more than under the current system.

As mentioned in our Response to the Homelessness Inquiry made by the Communities and Local Government Committee, we support the points raised in the Inquiry Report published in August 2016.”

Without Government-backing the resources necessary to meet demand – we don’t support this Bill being made into an Act of Parliament, but instead we would like to work with Government and organisations to help come up with a strategy which can deal with the increasing numbers of homelessness.


Published on 4th September 2016 at 17.20.

If you have any comments, questions or queries about this Press Release, please email our Press Team at press@hugosearthquake.org.


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