My statement after #HomelessnessReductionBill first scrutiny meeting:

“After the first major scrutiny session of the #HomelessnessReductionBill – there are still major issues which need considering.
Including lack of commitment of resources, no Central Government policy/strategy and a huge concern over the vacuum of people who will be accepted as needing to help – but there won’t be any increase in resources.

I am very worried about the fact this Bill didn’t seek Government support first, but instead started out by a Member of Parliament in the Conservatives off the back of the CLG Committee Inquiry.

Although my rejections to not supporting the Bill are strong, I do support any move to reduce homelessness in theory.

#HugosEarthquake is a small organisation, with big shockwaves. I want to garner that support and help homelessness strategy and policy become a top priority for the Conservative Government.

If you agree, please message this page or email and we will be writing an Open Letter to submit to the Leader of the House of Commons, the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Department for Communities and Local Government.

Thank you for your continued support of our Campaign, and look forward to helping #HumaniseHomelessness.”

– Hugo Sugg


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