#HugosEarthquake press release: Worcester YMCA up for sale – response.

#HugosEarthquake Press Release: WORCESTER YMCA UP FOR SALE – RESPONSE, 14 SEPTEMBER 2016 | press@hugosearthquake.org

Hugo Sugg, founder of #HugosEarthquake and ex-resident of Worcester YMCA in 2012, has expressed his ‘concern’ at the sale of the 60-bed homeless hostel.

Worcester News have reported today that the building which used to be an orphanage is going up for sale at a price tag of £1,450,000 and the YMCA plan to sell, then lease it back until they find a home for the 60 residents who currently live there.

Through the Worcester News website, YMCA Worcestershire released this statement:

“It is our vision that YMCA moves forward in Worcestershire, providing modern facilities needed by the local community as well as accommodation better suited to the needs of the young people we support.

Part of this involves creating modern ‘campus-style’ housing that encourages our residents to take on training, education and employment opportunities available to them as they seek to move into independent living.”

Founder Hugo Sugg who lived there for 3 months in 2012 when he needed accommodation between his private rent and University accommodation responded to this news: “I am concerned to see the sale of a homeless hostel in Worcester, where homelessness is rising and services are increasingly under pressure with resources and numbers. It would have been my recommendation that they sourced options to move to before putting the building up for sale. I would be interested to know where they think they can ‘just house’ 60 people in a City Centre building…”

The organisation claims they will not make the 60 residents living there homeless and on the streets. For the Worcester News article, please click here.


Published on 14th September 2016 at 17.20.

If you have any comments, questions or queries about this Press Release, please email our Press Team at press@hugosearthquake.org.


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