#HugosEarthquake is asking you… #WhereIsYourNextHome?

#WhereIsYourNextHome? is a campaign that raises awareness of the pathways to homelessness, how easy it is to become homeless and where to go when faced with the prospect of homelessness.

Worcester is packed with services to help the homeless and vulnerable, but how many know they are there or that they can help? We aim to inform the public on the services that are around them, be it an issue with substances, housing, benefits, family or relationships.

‘Where Is Your Next Home?’ will run for a trial of 6 months and will consist of a heavy social media & press campaign and also release research about the ‘Pathways Model’ which is used to track the complex reasons why homelessness occurs.

For this Campaign we have a dedicated email address which you can contact to give us feedback, share your stories or make us aware of a service we have not publicised. The email is wiynh@hugosearthquake.org.

Thank you for reading about our new Campaign. If you like our work, please sign up to our monthly newsletter here.


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