#TentDeath Campaign: A word from #HugosEarthquake Founder @HugoSugg

#TentDeath has run for 3 days now, and severe ripples have been made. A positive dialogue opened with CCP, Worcester Labour Party publicly saying they are working to a solution about the contract and others reacting behind the scenes.

It will now be a case of relaxing our social media barrage to organisations, and wait to see what comes out in the coming days. This is no way a retreat away from getting Justice for the circumstances to finding Mr Banfield’s body, but rather opportunity to allow things to happen and the people accountable to do their jobs.

It’s a fact that there is £250,000 of Worcester taxpayer’s money being spent on a contract that isn’t fit for purpose for the increasing rough sleeping community in Worcester – and I call for a review to happen of the contract and also homeless services in Worcester as a whole.
#TentDeath will continue as a live Campaign, but will refocus our energies on #WhereIsYourNextHome.

For as long as it is my name above the door of #HugosEarthquake (or whatever it transforms into), I will never not be an activist and fight for injustices. Homelessness is very close to me, and I am determined to see a better service for all whether new to the streets, living in hostel accommodation or entrenched rough sleepers A follow-up newspaper article is due to come out, and we will be sharing a reaction to that but until there has been a fair amount of time for things to happen, we will not be continuing the immense social media campaign we have undertaken up until today.

Any comments about the running of this campaign welcomed as I am always trying to improve our campaigning, please do email them to me at hugo@hugosearthquake.org.

I bid you to stay safe and lets ride the next few waves together.

A huge thank you for all who support #TentDeath and #HugosEarthquake in general, and look forward to reconnecting with you all soon.

Hugo Sugg

14.20 BST, 19/10/2016


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