18/11/16 – #TentDeath LATEST UPDATES:

Hello and welcome to the coverage of our #TentDeath Campaign: Getting justice for Cardon Banfield who sadly died, decomposed and rotted away in a tent on the banks of the Severn in Worcester June/July 2016.

 SAFEGUARDING ADULT REVIEW (previously named a Serious Case Review) UPDATE:
The following agencies have had a request by the Worcestershire Safeguarding Adults Board to give information about Cardon Banfield for a ‘scoping’ exercise which will determine whether a full investigation needs to take place;

  • St Paul’s Hostel
  • YMCA Worcestershire
  • Maggs Day Centre
  • Worcester City Council (Housing Department)
  • County Community Projects (CCP)

By LAW (under the Care Act), they have up to 2 weeks to respond with this information.
Hugo Sugg, Founder of Hugo’s Earthquake, has submitted information for this scoping exercise too from personal connection with Cardon when he lived at the YMCA and Hugo worked.

BREAKING NEWS: Worcester City Council Housing Team have agreed to remove terminology from the County Community Projects (CCP) Single Person Homeless and Prevention Contract.

The term ‘Intensive Support’ for homeless people living in temporary accommodation was never defined in the original Contract – and so Nina Warrington (Housing Manager) directly said to Hugo Sugg on the 11th November “that because it was never defined, [they] have agreed with CCP to remove the term ‘intensive support'”.

  • We are checking with legal sources if this is legal or not within the realms of Contracting and Procurement.

> A Freedom of Information request has gone in for Hugo’s Earthquake to see the original bid that CCP wrote. An answer must be delivered by the 29th November.

> CCP had an Open Day today (18th November), and we encouraged residents to silently protest opposite the building with banners opposing the lack of comprehensive service now in Worcestershire.

> Hugo’s Earthquake’s Twitter account has been blocked by CCP and Maggs Day Centre, but this does not stop our Campaigning to get justice for Cardon. Hugo Sugg have personally emailed the management of these organisations.

> Worcester City Councillor Alan Feeney has requested all documents relating to the CCP Homeless Contract, under a special power that Elected Members of the Council have, to examine them himself. Cllr Feeney (Conservative) is the Shadow Portfolio for Housing in Worcester City Council’s political system.

> The campaigned-for Homeless Forum has not moved any more since October and a draft Terms of Reference.

In response to all these developments, #TentDeath Campaign leader Hugo Sugg said this:

“Justice for Cardon is taking longer than expected, but that is because some organisations have not been playing ball and decided to dig their heads under the sand and carry on with their work. This is not acceptable when Mr Banfield was so badly let down and left to rot in a tent. I am working hard to make sure individuals and agencies are held accountable for their actions, positive or negative.
I will ensure Cardon died with as much dignity as possible.

A person dying on our streets in 2016 is bad… But an elderly gentleman dying and not even raising alarm bells – that is truly unforgivable.



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