#TentDeath Email Campaign: Maggs Day Centre

Because months have gone by and no action has been taken I am upping my campaigning to make sure Cardon Banfield, the 74 year-old who rotted and decomposed after dying on the bank of Worcester’s River Severn, did not die in vain and get forgotten about. So I am asking you to help. Please read:

Please email mkirk@maggsdaycentre.co.uk asking her why her organisation never passed information to the relevant agency, CCP, about Cardon Banfield.

Cardon’s rotting body was found on the riverside in Worcester early July 2016 – but officials could not establish a cause of death, time of death or who he was until they carried out DNA tests on his body.

Cardon had been an ‘infrequent visitor’ to Maggs Day Centre. Any information they had about Cardon should have been passed on to CCP so they could attempt to support Cardon after the decommissioning of the Worcestershire Homeless Intervention Team in April 2016.

Passing on the knowlege that Cardon was sleeping rough to CCP potentially could have saved his LIFE.

Please help hold Mel Kirk, Chief Executive of Maggs, ACCOUNTABLE for not passing this information on. Please email her asking why herself or her workers did not feel it necessary to pass on the fact Cardon was sleeping rough in Worcester to CCP.

I want justice for a 74 year old who died and was left rotting so he did not die in vain and forgotten about. He had no next of kin at the time of dying.

Please support our Justice for Cardon Campaign, you do NOT need to be a resident of Worcester.

Click here to email Mel and hold her organisation accountable NOW.

Thank you.

Hugo Sugg,
Facebook: Homeless Awareness Campaign – #HugosEarthquake
Twitter: @HugosEarthquake


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