Myself and @StPaulsHostel Chief Executive, Jonathan Sutton, have agreed that Hugo’s Earthquake and the Hostel will be working on setting up a forum to strategise and co-ordinate services affecting the homeless in Worcester from January 2017.

This group won’t solve all the issues at once, but what it will do is help group people together and allow for more working together.

Jonathan and I have agreed that we take charge of the creation of this group, and invite organisations to join. Working together is better than working alone, and there is a clear outcome for this Forum that we can see:

Services working together, being accountable and doing the best for the people in the community who are either vulnerable/in need now, or will be in the future.

We will be agreeing with Worcester City Council that they have a role to play in this Forum, but not solely lead it.

The Terms of Reference will be looked at thoroughly in January and Hugo’s Earthquake will be working extremely closely with St. Paul’s to ensure this group happens quickly and efficiently.

Thank you to Jonathan Sutton for agreeing to help take on the Forum which the Earthquake campaigned for in December 2015.

We can now all start looking in a new direction: Working for the vulnerable, in a joined up way.
Let’s create a Worcester Benchmark to co-ordination of homeless services, and set the standard for the rest of the UK.

More news on this in January, but meanwhile we celebrate this achievement.


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