Christmas Message 2016 from @HugoSugg, as seen in @WorcesterObs:

CHRISTMAS is a time where people shift their thinking away from their work and look more towards humanity as a whole.

Homelessness, lonely children and being with family are really thought about around this time of year.

The homeless are some of the most unfortunate at this time of year because they are not only baring the cold weather and the ever societal rejection but often have no family to spend time with. It can be isolating and extremely challenging to survive Christmas without having a stable support structure around you.

Being a homeless campaigner, it will come as no surprise to you that I am focussing on these people and how we together can best support them. If you’re willing to do your bit, asking homeless people what food or drink they would like and reporting them on the StreetLink service is enough to help.
If you are able to offer a room for them, that can also help – but it won’t solve their complex issues because they need professional help.

A list of services in Worcestershire to support the homeless will be [available soon] on the front page of Hugo’s Earthquake website ( and I encourage everyone to take note of the information on there.

I bid you the merriest of Christmases and a pleasant New Year, but remember homelessness isn’t just a Christmas issue.

If you have a spare resolution to make for 2017, please help curb our growing homeless problem.

Hugo Sugg

Founder of Hugo’s Earthquake


Thank you to Worcester Observer for publishing this in their paper and on their website.


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