Website content update: January 2017

Dear supporters,

I hope you had good festivities and New Year.

Due to new employment, and also restructuring how the Campaign is working and defining our new aims – we have been unable to update the website content. Be assured that after a hugely successful 2016, we will be back up and running with a fantastic Campaign agenda for 2017!

I and the team will be undertaking updating the website over the coming weeks and looking to launch a new website before the end of February. Apologies for the delay but I know you will continue to support our aim of supporting our homeless community better.

In the coming weeks also, we will be announcing volunteering positions for the Campaign which you can apply for. These will include Press, Campaign Development, Trusteeships and more so keep up to date with the latest by signing up to our FREE monthly newsletter here (opens a new window) and our Twitter account.

On behalf of the Campaign Team – thank you for your continued support and we will be in touch soon,

Hugo Sugg
Founder of Hugo’s Earthquake


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