Press Office and Social Media Team

Hugo’s Earthquake has developed a Press Office and Social Media Team. This Team will be in charge of our media and social media output, with Officers covering different sections of the country and organisation. The purpose of the Press Office is to write Press Releases and manage communication between the media, general public and Hugo’s Earthquake Campaign staff. Anyone can contact the Press Team via email and there should be a response within 3 days – so if you have something that you think the Campaign should focus on or an issue you feel we should respond too – please do get in touch.

The email address for the Team is, or you can email them using the contact form below. If it is an urgent request or issue, please put “URGENT” in the subject and we will be sure to priortise this.

Our social media (including website) will start to be run by Press Office staff and we are going to be having separate Twitter accounts for different areas of the Campaign so you can keep up to date with the very latest. We will also shortly be creating a Facebook group to mirror the current Hugo’s Earthquake Facebook Page.

You will be able to see all our social media profiles advertised through website updates, our current social media channels and also in a specific section on the Campaign homepage.

If you would like to volunteer your time and become a Press Officer for Hugo’s Earthquake, please email and he will be able to discuss this with you.


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