​What happens when people are facing Homelessness? Dee’s Situation.


A previously homeless individual, Dee Mason, who is currently running pre production on a documentary about the homeless in Coventry, has recently been fired from her job due to health concerns, which may consequently lead her down the path of homelessness once again. With housing benefit only going to pay for one month of her rent as a nil income claimant, she is extremely worried as where the next few months will lead her.

13 years ago, herself and her Mother were left to sleep in a friends shed for 6 months after being refused assistance by Sefton council in Merseyside due to living in Spain prior to her Father’s death, even though they are British born. After they both managed to get employment and be able to rent their own home again, they were faced with a criminal landlord in Coventry who illegally evicted them both and that lead them to feeling completely isolated and their ”lives violated” from various authorities who yet again refused to do what was possible to help them. As two single, unwell woman they were deemed street homeless by the same authority who said they were not an ”emergency enough” for the council to do anything about.

Dee has now lost all ”faith in our government” and feels that (with no paying employment and no savings to support herself and her Mother) they ”no longer count”. Individuals should not be made to feel like this when facing homelessness. A Statement from Dee highlights her worries about both her current situation and others in a similar situation;

”I guess the fact that I am now being told from all angles and every Government office I go to for help, that I don’t qualify for assistance in any way. I got fired because I’m not well and I won’t ever get better so how does the Government expect its nation to survive without help? I have a home for now but those who live alone and don’t get the assistance they need because like me they simply slip through the loop holes that exist in our Government’s legislation. They end up evicted because without any form of income the council refuse to pay housing benefit so they actually purposefully overlook the obvious fact that if a person doesn’t have money coming in, they must live off food hand outs from charity, they cannot pay their bills and obviously cannot pay the rent without help so the council stopping that housing benefit will actually make them homeless. It will also then eventually kill them off because they’ll either starve or freeze on the streets. It all seems like our Government have the iconic Scrooge attitude to those in need, me included.”

To have people feeling like this is atrocious. Everyone should feel that they will be supported and have assistance when hard times come and they have nowhere else to turn. As a campaign we are going to continue to support Dee and her Mother and give her up to date information and services where she can get advice and ongoing help from in her local area.

If you would like to find out more information on Dees documentary ”Silent Shout”, you can visit http://www.gothangelproductions.com/.



Chloe Bell.
For more information or to contact the Press Office, please email press@hugosearthquake.org.



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