Statement: Oxford Councillor “Disgrace” Comment.


The homeless community have once again been verbally attacked by a person in power, an individual who should be helping these rough sleepers who are in need, rather than acting as if they are a burden to society. John Tanner, an Oxford City Councillor, has had an official complaint made against him after he took part in a local radio interview (BBC Radio Oxford) and subsequently branded the cities rough sleepers as a ‘disgrace’. What is the true disgrace, is the fact that this city councillor should know better than to throw such demeaning descriptions around and not expect an uproar. It is a disgrace that he feels this way and as a campaign we hope that this lash back will encourage Tanner to take a moment and reflect on how hurtful comments like this can be detrimental to already mentally and vulnerable individuals. As a board member for clean and green Oxford, you’d think he’d have the same compassion for human beings in a tough situation as he does for a more sustainable environment. Both are vitally important for the progression of a modern society.

As a campaign we think this comment was awful and hope an apology is made and that Tanner and other councillors take on board the fact that the city’s homeless are not a disgrace. We hope they become more educated on the situation in hand and encourage the rough sleepers to become aware of the services available to them and know the council isn’t there to judge, but to assist.


For more information or to contact the Press Office, please email


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