Unfortunately this evening called for Birmingham City Council to release their final decision for their oncoming budgets of 2017/18. A lot of work from the extremely kind public and the youth homelessness charity, St Basils, was put into stopping these cuts by having a petition signed, flash mobs, letters to councillors, tweets and hashtags such as #saveoursupport. These have not gone unnoticed and will have, of course, raised more awareness to such a charity who helps over 5000 young, vulnerable 16 – 25 year olds per year across the West Midlands. Awareness is amazing and extremely benfitial, however, it is money that can drive many aspects of the services; money helps provide housing for these young individuals, money provides means for the charity to grow and improve services to give each and every service user the opportunity to regain structure, focus and stability into a life which may have become somewhat unpredictable . The money that comes from the Supporting People budget has been cut by £5 million, which is 20% down from the original proposal of £10million (42%). Even though the cut is lower than the original proposal, the charity still faces an uncertain time and will be working extremely hard to make sure this doesn’t impact the services they can provide.

If you would like to donate or do your own fundraiser, here is the place to go;

Or, if you would like to sign the petition to help save the support for St Basils go to;


Chloe Bell.

For more information or to contact the Press Office, please email


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