STATEMENT: Campaign Founder @HugoSugg reaction to potential #GeneralElection2017

If tomorrow in Parliament goes how I want it to go – we will be heading for a General Election in June 2017.
This is OUR chance to make a difference, campaign against HATRED which will come out of the fringe organisations like UKIP, Britain First, EDL, National Front and BNP, and fight to protect our vulnerable. At the moment, hate to our Muslims and immigrants is being projected onto us by the mainstream media and we cannot allow this – we have to stop it.
REAL people are being hated on by majorities, just because of what piece of rock they were born on or what set of beliefs or values they abide by. It is this division that separates the Right to the Left. Labour and the Liberal Democrats are wanting Unity for our vulnerable and minorities – whereas the Conservatives and UKIP lead on the hate campaign to see our communities split up and divided.
On the doorstep of Number 10, Downing Street in July 2017, fresh Prime Minister Theresa May said she would work for “not the privileged few, but you” – yet homelessness is not decreasing, worklessness is staying the same, Islamophobia is rising and our migrant population is being unfairly, cruelly targeted.
Our values in Britain have always been about unity, respect, love, peace and community. As a country, we have always worked to these. Jeremy Corbyn MP is giving a clear indication that he would like for this to come back after 7 and a half years of a Conservative, austerity-lead Government that has been Cameron and May ruling and letting;
• Rough sleeping across England rise by 2,370 compared to 2010 (DCLG).
• 15,000 more households accepted as ‘homeless’ by law since 2010 (DCLG).
• 60% of Local Authorities either cutting or freezing their Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service budgets since 2010/11 (NHSConfed).
• Rough Sleeping on London increase by 121% from 2011-2015 (Transport for London).
• Racist incidents reported to Police rise from 51,000 (2010) incidents to 59,000 (2016) (Home Office).
• Foodbank use up to 1,109,309 for the 2015/16 financial year from just 346,992 in 2012/13 financial year (The Trussell Trust).
• 2,380 people dying between December 2011 and February 2014, after their Work Capability Assessment told them they should start looking for work (DWP).
This is proof our most vulnerable have not been looked after in our Country, our proud United Kingdom, and that they have suffered death at the hands of our current Administration.
Last year saw just 35% of the UK vote to Leave the European Union on the basis of manipulation of facts and scare-mongering of our most un-critically minded citizens and the “Working Classes” rise up in opposition of oppression by the politicians in power.
Labour respect the result of the Referendum, but what they don’t respect is the devastating path that Theresa May and her Government have since officially notifying the EU on our intention to Leave on the 29th March 2017.
This General Election allows the voices of peace and compassion rise up and challenge the immoral, vile, Islamophobic, inhumane and violent trends we have seen since 2010, but especially since January 2016 when the Referendum was announced.
You, myself and we have to make the change and help bring progressive politics to the Departments of the UK Government and in the streams of our society and communities. We have worked and fought hard for over 72 years to maintain our Freedom to Vote and Assemble, but also protect our vulnerable and I encourage you to make your voice heard in 2017.
I will finish off with telling you to support the progressive Labour Party, and backing what the late MP Jo Cox said in her Maiden Speech to Parliament on June 3rd 2015: “we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us”.

Hugo Sugg
Campaign Founder, #HugosEarthquake

18/04/2017, 19.55 BST