Hugo’s Earthquake Campaign have released the following advice as a response to the current UK heatwave.

As temperatures soar in some parts of, or all of, the UK, it is very important to realise the challenges that face our homeless Rough Sleepers who tend to not have a many places to go in the day time (if any), and this means they are forced to sit in the intense sun and heat.

Water is something most people have available to them within moments, however this is often not the case for rough sleepers. If they have no money, reduced outreach service and no available day centre – it is highly unlikely they have had enough water to survive or cope.

If you wish to help a homeless person on the street, please;

  • Kneel down to their level to talk,
  • Say hi, introduce yourself and ask their name and age,
  • Ask when the last time they had water was,
  • Ask if they feel nauseous, really tired or have a headache,If they present any of these signs, call 999 immediately!
  • Do a “common sense” assessment of how dehydrated they are,
  • Offer to go to a shop to get them waterIf they say yes, do this straight away with no delay and come straight back.
    • If they say no, try ask them why and encourage them.
  • Ask when they last saw a GP, as rough sleepers are the least likely to go
  • Offer to research a day centre or support service near your current location
  • Advise them to seek shade
  • IMPORTANT: Take a mental note of their appearance, hair and location.

After you have left, PLEASE report them to StreetLink. You can do this either by calling 0300 500 0914 or filling out a short form on (opens a new window).

Any one of us can be homeless and it’s important we treat them with the same respect as your best friend, neighbour or family member. Please do share this advice wherever you can, as it could save someone’s life.

Due to it’s huge success in the summer of 2016, Hugo’s Earthquake are launching their #SomewhereInSummer Campaign again to help encourage people to put the needs of the homeless first in times of extreme weather seen in the summer.

Please look after yourself, and others.
Hugo’s Earthquake Team


Volunteers needed!

It’s been a long time since I updated this – and I apologise! It has been a busy few weeks with the General Election, where I claimed 50 votes in Hackney South and Shoreditch.

Heading out the other side of the election, I want to ensure that the good work that Hugo’s Earthquake and its team has done continues. So, I am asking if you have any time where you can spare from home to help get our name out there in the journey to becoming a fully fledged charity:

Click here to see what volunteering opportunities we have! (opens a new window)