Cardon Banfield: A SECOND ‘Safeguarding Adults Review’ is being submitted.

Dear followers and supporters,

As you will know, it has been over a year since Cardon Banfield was formally identified, and nearly 12 months ago that an official investigation into his death was rejected.

The denial of a formal investigation into his death served as a slight blow to the #JusticeForCardon campaign at the time however we have been working hard over the last 10 months to build up enough evidence to show that there has been significant failure at all levels before Cardon’s death and post his discovery.

Cardon Banfield has been the unfortunate catalyst which has exposed catastrophic decisions being made behind private doors in the years running up to July 2016 and we must ensure that answers are given and people, along with their organisations, are held accountable.

Through Freedom of Information, since the rejection of a review into Cardon’s death, there have been over 5 disclosures of evidence that prove bad decisions, disobeying of policy or even LIES being told from Worcester City Council. Since these have been obtained, the Council has sought to shut the Campaign up by refusing to talk about housing or homelessness, but they will never silence our run to get answers.

We will be using the damning evidence obtained through our FOI requests to submit another Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) through the Worcestershire Safeguarding Adults Board and make sure that all the criteria is met to enable an investigation to be carried out.

Whilst people in authority may continue to make out this Campaign is a nuisance, we will hold ourselves strong in the knowledge that we have unmasked enough evidence to:

reasonably conclude that there has been an institutional cover-up in regards to Cardon Banfield.

The SAR application will be submitted in the coming days and, of course, you will be updated with any progress on this.

Whilst many discount this Campaign as being too direct, harsh or inappropriate, we have had an influx of support from people who see why we have had to be as forward as we have been – and in the conclusion that this is more than likely a cover-up, it has been entirely justified.

Justice for Cardon isn’t about winning a point against a bureaucracy but instead getting answers as to why a bureaucracy was so clumsy in its operations to allow a 74 year old man to partially mummify on the banks of Worcester in June/July 2016 and not admit mistakes, even a year on.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this fight and I promise we will get answers – however long they take: We will get Justice for Cardon Banfield.

Best wishes,
Hugo Sugg


#JusticeForCardon Campaign: 1 year anniversary today

#JusticeForCardon launched publicly a year ago today. We have achieved so much for what was only meant to be a short campaign – it’s turned out to be one of the biggest logistical campaigns I’ve headed up.

But I wouldn’t change the experience for the world, just the results: People still aren’t being accountable and lessons still haven’t been learned to stop this happening again.
The next few months will be challenging as the pressure starts pushing on to those who have hidden for so long.

This week has seen the campaign hit national headlines and this is just one of the amazing achievements that can go down in the history books. #HugosEarthquake was never meant to be a campaign, and Justice For Cardon was never meant to live this long – but the fact they have both grown into what they are today, shows that they are very much needed.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and been critical of me – you have a stake in this success and we wouldn’t have achieved this much without each other.

You have been amazing and I am confident you will continue to be.

Cardon Banfield deserves justice and to be remembered with peace: We are much closer than we were a year ago and we are going to do it.
Thank you for being on this journey.

With complete gratitude,

Hugo Sugg – Founder

#JusticeForCardon gets NATIONAL COVERAGE: Direct call to @myworcester City Council | Press Office

Today the Worcester News published a Front Page headlined “OUR SORROW FOR CARDON” which continued as a full page spread on page 3 of the same paper. Along side this, they also published the article online. This has led to much attention bought to the Campaign, but more importantly – the family. It is vital for them to have the exposure they have because the search to find them obviously was not rigorous enough.

Today the Campaign Press Office has been dealing with enquiries from news agencies and national publications. In the last hour, MailOnline have (independently of a news agency) published an article on their UK website, accessible internationally: You can view this by clicking here (opens a new window).

It has been confirmed that the Press Association have pushed this story out to national papers and may appear in national print tomorrow (Wednesday 18th October).

Keep up to date with the most recent developments via our Press Office Twitter which you can follow here – we recommend you turn on our Twitter notifications.

Press Office release
20.55 GMT 17/10/2017 | @EarthquakePress

DUCKING ACCOUNTABILITY: @MaggsDayCentre Chair Mel Akers REFUSES to answer questions.

In a show of poor leadership and continuing the silence of accountability, Mel Akers REFUSED to answer the following questions from us:

For a year now, Maggs Day Centre have been so blatant in their rejection that they did anything wrong in regards to Cardon Banfield. This refusal to answer questions should justify to all that they are not fit to be working with the vulnerable of Worcester. The homeless need accountability in a safe place, not organisations who serve the interest of themselves first.

We refresh our call for the public NOT to donate to Maggs until they have been fully investigated into the role they had in Cardon’s last days, and for Mel Kirk, Maggs CEO, to resign immediately.

Justice for Cardon will happen, however long it takes.

The @myworcester City Council Risk Management Plan did not ever account for death, but it happened.

Thanks to Freedom of Information, the Campaign has obtained the Risk Management Plan (RMP) for the decommissioning of the Worcestershire Homelessness Intervention Team (WHIT) and commissioning of the Single Person and Childless Couples Service (CCP).

This Plan is evidently very basic and an independent Risk Management Practitioner has assessed this and said it is “very poor risk assessing”. There are a number of things which are concerning about this RMP:

  • There was no accountability for a death.
  • The Plan does not have a date, author or contact details on.
  • There is no direct accountability to what happens if risks aren’t mitigated.
  • This document has not been in the public domain before, meaning that the public were not aware where £250,000 a year of their money is going on, and what the consequences are of the service changing over in the quick time it did.
  • The last risk identified happened, and not only that but the impact was FATAL.
(See the plan and more of this article below)

Risk Management Plan page 1Risk Management Plan page 2

This Plan being out in the public domain now shows that there was incompetency by the Worcester City Council Housing/Homelessness Department which wrote it, and indeed the Director overseeing the department at the time – Mr David Blake, the now-Managing Director of Worcester City Council.

This document is damning. It shows that people responsible for creating services for the homeless are incapable of assessing the real-life risks attached to working in the homelessness sector.

We have asked the City Council for the competencies and Risk Management Training levels of the Officer/s who wrote this RMP and also the training qualifications of David Blake at the time of writing this Plan.

This Campaign is not stopping until sufficient answers are given, accountability is in place and there is a clear understanding of the issues in the lead up to and aftermath of Cardon’s death.

EMAIL RELEASE: Pressure mounted on @MaggsDayCentre’s Chair of Trustees just hours before their AGM. #JusticeForCardon @worcesternews

Dear Mr Akers,
A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting of Healthwatch Worcestershire at their Public Board Meeting where “vulnerable homeless people in Worcestershire” was on the agenda.

At the meeting there was a damning verdict that Healthwatch Worcestershire does not have confidence in the safeguarding adults systems in Worcestershire and that there were failings in the decommissioning and commissioning of the homeless support service in the county by Worcester City Council. You can watch the section of the meeting where this is said here:
Unfortunately I am unable to meet this side of New Year as I live and work in London, however would like to put the following questions forward for a response:
1. What do you have to say about the damning verdict Healthwatch have publicly said?

2. What action has Maggs Day Centre taken to improve the referral process to CCP for homeless people?

3. Why have Maggs Day Centre put in an application to the Big Lottery Fund for money to set up an outreach service?

4. Will you be directing your Board at the AGM tomorrow (2nd October) to hold a vote of no confidence in Mel Kirk?

5. Can you direct me to where the £100,000 surplus you had last in the financial year has gone?

6. What system replaced the Worcestershire LinkUp database at Maggs which refers homeless onto CCP?

7. What review has taken place inside Maggs to prevent another situation like Cardon Banfield’s death occurring again?
As well as this, I would like to make a Freedom of Information Act submission to Maggs Day Centre for the following:

– Maggs’ Safeguarding Policy of 2016

– Maggs’ Information Sharing Protocol of 2016

– The time and dates of all the visits Cardon Banfield made to Maggs Day Centre, the clothing project etc. from January 2013 to July 2016, at the time of his discovery.
Lastly, I refer to your open letter published on Maggs’ website ( and the section which is blatantly referring to me. In it you mention that you are not supportive of attacks on organisations and individuals being named. I would like to make a point at this time to say that, had organisations and named individuals come forward after Cardon was identified and admitted their mistakes – including Maggs, I would have not have gone to the length that I continue to go in naming organisations and individuals.

Maggs Day Centre was set up in response to Maggs dying on the streets of Worcester and to stop it happening again – however Maggs Day Centre, under the leadership of Mel Kirk, aided Cardon not being found by a member of any homeless service in Worcester, but instead a warden from the Cricket Club.
Naming Mel Kirk and others is only a reaction to what yourselves and other organisations failed to do – and that’s accept the unfortunate truth, admit what had happened and come forward to build a better solution… Instead of painting “a campaigner” as a nuisance because he is simply trying to get answers and work out how to stop this happening again.
Your open letter and your email to me dated 31st August does not grant me with enough confidence that Maggs Day Centre have taken appropriate steps to stop another death happening again, or a clear, defined and working policy of how staff will and can refer homeless people to relevant statutory agencies who the taxpayer pay for. Until the answers and documents contained in this email are met satisfactorily and significant change has happened to ensure a repeat of a homeless tent death in Worcester doesn’t happen again – I will continue to fight for answers and justice for Cardon Banfield, and more importantly – his family however I see fit.
Finally, I again urge you at your AGM tomorrow to hold an emergency vote of no confidence in the CEO Mel Kirk and note this and the results on official Minutes which are made public.
I look forward to your response to this email and apologise for the delay it has taken. A receipt of the FOI requests would be welcomed and the legal Freedom of Information Act working day timescale actioned appropriately.
Kind Regards,

Hugo Sugg

Hugo Sugg

Director, Hugo’s Earthquake

An epicentre of homelessness awareness since November 2015. | | #HugosEarthquake

IMPORTANT: The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential. They are intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you have received this email by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to anyone or make copies thereof.

Footnote: This email was sent to Mel Akers, Chair of Trustees, with CEO Mel Kirk copied in on Sunday 1st October at 17:05