Interim statement to Windsor Council Leader @MrSimonDudley about homeless issue:


As a homeless campaign we condemn your move to remove homeless people before the Royal Wedding. This problem is no worse than empty shops, sink estates and littering. You only want to deal with the surface issue. We encourage you to reverse this policy and find a better way to tackle the issue that is, more often than you realise, not a primary housing need but a support need.

We look forward to your response and your retraction.

Hugo’s Earthquake Campaign


Out celebrating in town tonight for #NewYearsEve?


Whilst you’re out celebrating #NewYear on the town tonight, please remember homeless people may not be in the same party mood as you. Please treat them with total respect and privacy if they are asleep or trying to sleep.

As we bring in 2018, we should remember that another year of rough sleeping is unacceptable and this campaign with others is working hard to tackle the issue.

Let’s all do our bit for the homeless in 2018, starting on the eve of it tonight!

Happy New Year and best wishes from the Hugo’s Earthquake team.

Potential “homeless tent fine” by Stoke-on-Trent Council condemned by Campaign | @duncancushenan


On Friday 24th November it was reported that Stoke-on-Trent Council is in the consultation process for a new Public Space Protection Order, this order would make it an offence to “assemble, erect, occupy or use” a tent unless part of a council-sanctioned activity.

Which while is not an Order directly levelled and created against homeless people, will have an extreme affect on them.

As someone if found in breach of this Order would face a fine of £1,000 which in effect is punishing those who are the lowest and poorest in our society at best and at worse is criminalising them for having the smallest bit of shelter they can attain.

To many a park with tents in may be an eyesore but when you are someone that has little more than a tent between yourself and the cold, rain or snow it is the greatest luxury in their life.

At a time when welfare cuts, council cuts and funding cuts have led to a rise in homelessness, it is morally abhorrent that a council should even consider motions that will just make the problem worse.

Here at Hugo’s Earthquake we find it appalling that such a motion is being considered and urge everyone to make Stoke-on-Trent Council reconsider this policy before they bring it into effect.

We should be helping not undermining the most vulnerable in society especially in the run up to Christmas, a time for togetherness and kindness.

IN FULL: @CCPWorcs successful bid to @myworcester for running homeless services in #Worcester


We can EXCLUSIVELY reveal the full tender document from CCP in regards to their successful bid to take the contract off St Paul’s and run homeless services for Single Homeless People and Childless Couples in Worcester, and a “Light Touch” Outreach Service. This comes in 3 parts due to the size of the file.

PART 1 – PART 2 – PART 3

Please note that this document has been obtained under Freedom of Information and Worcester City Council has made redactions, to which some we are challenging.

#JusticeForCardon: @myworcester City Council Risk Management Action Plan not done in ANOTHER policy breach


Shockingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly now, the Worcester City Council Housing/Homelessness Department led by Officer Nina Warrington (lined managed then by former Director of Place, but now Council MD, David Blake) did NOT complete a mandatory Risk Management Action Plan – in accordance with the Council Risk Management Strategy.

This Risk Management Action Plan should have highlighted the issues raised by the Risk Management Plan in regards to service users not being passed from the old WHIT contract to the “new” CCP contract: NAMELY CARDON BANFIELD.

This is directly connected with the service transition plan which the City Council redacted under our Freedom of Information request.

SEE THE FULL CCP CONTRACT BID (with redactions by City Council) HERE:
Part 1Part 2Part 3

We will be releasing a full statement and Press Release on this shortly.