The following statement was made by #HugosEarthquake Founder and #JusticeForCardon Campaigner, Hugo Sugg, on BBC Hereford and Worcester at 17:20, 13/03/2018:

I think Mr Benson made his point clear in a private meeting. As the chair of two Safeguarding boards which protect vulnerable people – I don’t agree with the comments but we need to move away from them and ask is it this mindset that prevented the Safeguarding Board doing a SAR into the death of a 74 year old man who partially mummified by a tent 200m from the city Centre.

We know that Cardon WAS in touch with Services – both voluntary and statutory, and the Board even acknowledged he was self-neglecting. Under the Care Act 2014, was Cardon offered a care assessment? If yes, why has this not been gathered in evidence – if no, why was it not undertaken?

We need answers to these and other unanswered questions, and we need lessons to be learnt. My position is a Safeguarding Adults Review NEEDS to be undertaken into the death of Cardon and so we can stop this happening again as this should be based on fact rather than personal opinion.


PRESS STATEMENT: Reaction to incorrect information about homeless death in #Worcester

PRESS RELEASE – 06/03/2018

Hugo’s Earthquake are incredibly concerned that information that a homeless man died in a tent in Worcester last week turns out to be inaccurate. A man had died, who used homeless services, but he lived in his own tenancy and died at home.

This unverified information was shared by homeless outreach group “Worcester Homeless Cafe” (formally called “Sharon’s Hope n Help”) on Facebook and got a very wide audience. This morning (6th March), this Campaign was notified by more than one source about the report of a tent death and before we put out any statement or comment, sought to get facts accurate by checking with other sources.

We are relieved that another street death hasn’t happened in Worcester, and the Campaign staff pass on our condolences for this man’s death. However, we are gravely concerned about the organisation that publicised this incorrect information. The repercussions of this mistake went as far as West Mercia Police and Worcestershire Ambulance Service both being called for clarification, wasting time and resources for members of the public who might have been in real danger at this time.

“After talking to Worcester Homeless Cafe, we have established that this organisation has no Safeguarding Policy or procedure to deal with any issues homeless people have – nor have they got an information sharing protocol with other agencies. After serious consideration, we urge Worcester Homeless Cafe to terminate all work with homeless people until a Safeguarding Policy, Designated Safeguarding Officer and Information Sharing Protocol have been created and shown to the Worcester Homelessness Forum which are meeting later this month for agreement.”

Our spokesperson continues: “Not having these places homeless people, volunteers and the general public in unnecessary danger. Any work by the community with the homeless should be done in conjuction with established and reputable organisations which work with this community.”

Working with the homeless is not an easy task, and we urge community groups in Worcestershire and beyond to act very carefully about how they go about their kind-natured work because it may have the opposite effect. Please contact local agencies to see how your volunteering can assist existing services, instead of duplicating and being independent.

For reference: Hugo’s Earthquake have learned this afternoon that Worcester Homeless Cafe founder Sharon Multani-Colebrook has independently resigned in light of this mistake.


APOLOGY: @ArboretumRA apologises for “social problems” comment in @worcesternews

This evening, Worcester Arboretum Residents’ Association have apologised to Hugo’s Earthquake via social media about causing offence in regards to the comments posted in the Worcester News article published online last night and in press.

The full apology:

We are very grateful for the expansive apology, and we look forward to working with the Association to come together and tackle the issue of homelessness in Worcester and the County.


Tonight, the Worcester News ran a story which mentioned how the YMCA building in Worcester has been sold off and may move to the site of the old leisure centre in Sansome Walk.
In this article, a comment was given by the Chair of the Arboretum Residents’ Association in which the proposed site is in the catchment area for, which we have immediately condemned.

Jane Moorhouse, Chair of the ARA, is quoted saying the following:

“The Arboretum is a very finely balanced area and I would be concerned about any project that would cause an imbalance.
“I’m not sure we can absorb people who perhaps have more social problems.”

Hugo’s Earthquake objects to the demonisation of the homeless in this statement. “Perhaps have more social problems” is a disgusting way of saying ‘you’re too difficult and you’re not our problem’. We demand an immediate apology Tweeted out by the official @ArboretumRA Twitter account and written in the Worcester News.

The homeless in Worcester, and the rest of the UK, are subjected to this subtle abuse and oppression by the same society that anyone can become homeless in and this Campaign will not tolerate it.

This Campaign has successfully fought against negative, crass, insensitive comments before and we will continue this fight, up until the homeless can get the help and support they need and not the stereotyping and prejudice they daily receive at the hands of people like Jane Moorhouse.

A message from #HugosEarthquake Founder – 22/02/2018:

Dear Hugo’s Earthquake Campaign Supporters, staff and followers,

I can announce this evening that a formal application to form a parent Limited Company to #HugosEarthquake has been submitted to Companies House.

This is a very bold move, helping us set the path to become a charity which changes society’s perceptions on homelessness.

It has been over 2 years since the Campaign started, and as a grassroots volunteer group have helped;

Challenge legislation, received national media coverage, submitted evidence to a Parliament Committee review on Homelessness, helped change views of the needs of the homeless in summer, spoken at events, made a Local Authority publicly apologise for an insensitive comment, successfully and single-handedly campaigned for a Worcester Homelessness Forum and lastly – finally got a review into Cardon Banfield’s death and the situation that led up to it, his discovery and the aftermath.

What started as a simple blog post about my experience has snowballed into what Hugo’s Earthquake is today. As the Founder of the Campaign, I am so proud of everyone who did this. I have lead the efforts, but the support (and opposition) has made it what it has become – successful, influential and change-making.

I pay tribute to the previous tremendous work of volunteers who worked on the Campaign previously, the current people who commit so much to the cause because they believe in it – and look forward to seeing more people come on board and help shake seismic changes in society about homelessness, rough sleeping and vulnerable people.

We have to await the decision from Companies House, but am very positive that it will be successful and registered in the days ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by us. This is your hard work – which without it, we really could not be here doing what we are doing. Your work has lead to the incorporation of a Limited Parent Company to Hugo’s Earthquake, and that is now part of your legacy.

Thank you.

Hugo Sugg



Worcester City Council WILL carry out a review into Cardon Banfield’s death.

Announced just now at the Public Board Meeting of Healthwatch Worcestershire, it is with absolute pleasure that we can announce Cardon will finally be given the attention his tragic death and discovery deserves.

The Earthquake are overjoyed and really positive about this development and want to offer our co-operation and support to all involved.

Hugo Sugg, #JusticeForCardon Campaign Founder, has shared his reaction to the news:

“This is a landmark decision which has seen sense prevail over Twitter tirades. As long as this review allows for a full and thorough investigation, with lessons being learnt to help future homeless people found in a similar state, I fully support it in every way. This review’s main purpose is not to apportion blame and we should be mindful of this, however full accountability needs to be respected.

I’d like to pass on my thanks to Healthwatch Worcestershire who has been very supportive and championed Cardon’s memory on mine, and his families’, behalf.

I want to extend my offer of co-operation to the City Council and it’s staff to ensure all facts are looked into and evaluated.

Finally, we can start ensuring Cardon didn’t die in vain.

We are unsure of any further detail just yet, but will certainly be following this extremely closely given the sheer scale and achievement.

The Campaign would like to thank all its supporters in helping us to get #JusticeForCardon and look forward to seeing this campaign out to the end.

As a matter of courtesy, we have also informed Cardon’s niece of this news.

WE ARE RE-BRANDING, and we need your help!

Since November 2015, Hugo’s Earthquake has been a brand recognised for its commitment to challenge stereotypes around homelessness in the United Kingdom. Created as two blog posts which gave a unique insight into Hugo Sugg’s experience of homelessness in 2008 and then him visiting the location he slept rough seven years later, the attention around his story grew overnight.

After a week of publishing his experience, Hugo was faced with a choice to ignore the attention and media interest or to grab it and use it to effect substantial change. Hugo chose the latter option and Hugo’s Earthquake as a Homeless Awareness Campaign was born, with a logo created and website which both exist, largely in the same form, over two years on.

During this time there have been discussions inside and outside the Campaign including with supporters, volunteers and members of the general public about the name and look of the Campaign. After a long time in debate, the Campaign is now addressing the issue in a serious way: Taking on all feedback to create the rebrand for everyone.

With the expansion of the Campaign, its local and national media coverage, increase of volunteers, creation of a Press Office and growing reputation – it seems a natural time to look at the image, branding and meaning of the organisation. This change comes at a time where the organisation has grown too big to be just a non-recognised entity in law, and so the process of becoming a charity has started. This rebrand will help expand the meaning of the Campaign, lock down its history and prepare it for the legal recognition it is heading towards.

Have your say!

As the Campaign is grassroots and was built on support from the very people who read this post, it’s important we stick to the founding principles that this is a campaign all can be involved in, with varying degrees. So our first step towards the re-brand is a survey we invite you to fill out, as long or as short as you wish – your feedback matters.

Take our survey now! (Opens a new window)

If you can’t fill out the survey this moment but you have any ideas on how to improve our brand, please do fill out the contact form below and this will go straight to the team:


Thank you for all your support and we look forward to creating a brand that everyone has had their opportunity in shaping!

Hugo’s Earthquake Team

Interim statement to Windsor Council Leader @MrSimonDudley about homeless issue:

As a homeless campaign we condemn your move to remove homeless people before the Royal Wedding. This problem is no worse than empty shops, sink estates and littering. You only want to deal with the surface issue. We encourage you to reverse this policy and find a better way to tackle the issue that is, more often than you realise, not a primary housing need but a support need.

We look forward to your response and your retraction.

Hugo’s Earthquake Campaign

Out celebrating in town tonight for #NewYearsEve?

Whilst you’re out celebrating #NewYear on the town tonight, please remember homeless people may not be in the same party mood as you. Please treat them with total respect and privacy if they are asleep or trying to sleep.

As we bring in 2018, we should remember that another year of rough sleeping is unacceptable and this campaign with others is working hard to tackle the issue.

Let’s all do our bit for the homeless in 2018, starting on the eve of it tonight!

Happy New Year and best wishes from the Hugo’s Earthquake team.