Website content update: January 2017

Dear supporters,

I hope you had good festivities and New Year.

Due to new employment, and also restructuring how the Campaign is working and defining our new aims – we have been unable to update the website content. Be assured that after a hugely successful 2016, we will be back up and running with a fantastic Campaign agenda for 2017!

I and the team will be undertaking updating the website over the coming weeks and looking to launch a new website before the end of February. Apologies for the delay but I know you will continue to support our aim of supporting our homeless community better.

In the coming weeks also, we will be announcing volunteering positions for the Campaign which you can apply for. These will include Press, Campaign Development, Trusteeships and more so keep up to date with the latest by signing up to our FREE monthly newsletter here (opens a new window) and our Twitter account.

On behalf of the Campaign Team – thank you for your continued support and we will be in touch soon,

Hugo Sugg
Founder of Hugo’s Earthquake


#HugosEarthquake is asking you… #WhereIsYourNextHome?

#WhereIsYourNextHome? is a campaign that raises awareness of the pathways to homelessness, how easy it is to become homeless and where to go when faced with the prospect of homelessness.

Worcester is packed with services to help the homeless and vulnerable, but how many know they are there or that they can help? We aim to inform the public on the services that are around them, be it an issue with substances, housing, benefits, family or relationships.

‘Where Is Your Next Home?’ will run for a trial of 6 months and will consist of a heavy social media & press campaign and also release research about the ‘Pathways Model’ which is used to track the complex reasons why homelessness occurs.

For this Campaign we have a dedicated email address which you can contact to give us feedback, share your stories or make us aware of a service we have not publicised. The email is

Thank you for reading about our new Campaign. If you like our work, please sign up to our monthly newsletter here.

#HugosEarthquake Social Media Notice

Due to growth of the Campaign we are now in a proud position where volunteers are helping to run our social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter! Because more than one person is overlooking the accounts it means when you Tweet or comment, there is a chance a different person is replying or commenting.

Where possible, Campaign social media volunteers will put there name or their initials to signify who you are talking to and who is replying back. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact

Thank you.


CAMPAIGN UPDATE: July-August 2016

Hi all,

I am so sorry I haven’t done much blogging… It’s been really busy and I have missed catching you up with where the Campaign is up to!

We have got a new volunteer team based in locations in England, and they are working on taking the Campaign into their areas. Taking the Campaign out of Worcestershire and Herefordshire is definitely a huge step for both myself and the movement, and is showing our growth.

The Campaign has seen increased exposure since #SomewhereInSummer launched, including ITV Central News and newspapers which has been amazing! It has really pushed homelessness awareness up the agenda – and this is one of the main goals of the Campaign. I am busy planning with the team what the next sub-Campaign is going to look like after #SomewhereInSummer has died down… Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon.

On Somewhere In Summer, I have been doing more and more Facebook Live videos which have been gaining more and more views each time. Thank you for watching and sharing them!

So yeah… We filmed a documentary too! Well, part of a documentary! Volunteer and good friend of mine, Andy Kinnear from London, was a guest star in it! It is currently being edited and developed, with more on that in the coming weeks!

As you may or may not have noticed, the Campaign has really ranked up its output on social media and media! Newspapers, TV, new Twitter Handle and our Facebook page growing daily! It’s so amazing, and what I only dreamed of when I started it all off. I have had lots of messages of support from both the public and also organisations. Through this, I have met some truly amazing people along with even more amazing stories. I feel so privileged to know the experiences of others, because it’s their personal time and moments… There’s nothing more I treasure than the trust between two people who have been through their own wars, telling about those troubles.

It’s safe to say, the Campaign is moving quickly and will continue to grow. I am looking into how to turn it into a legal entity, set up an official bank account and turn it from being mostly a social media-based into an actual organisation.

I’m very proud and grateful of everyone who has worked on the Campaign… It wouldn’t be like this without you! ‘#HugosEarthquake’ might have my name in it, but I can assure you that I’m not the one that makes it great. Thank you for all the tags in homeless stories on Facebook, too… You really are the eyes and ears of the Campaign!

So there we have it… A brief Campaign update! Hopefully that has dosed you up on all things homelessness awareness! Watch out for Campaign videos on my Facebook coming up this week!

Much love and see you soon,

P.S. Please do contact us if you need to: #HugosEarthquake Facebook Page/Tweet us on Twitter/drop an email via the contact form:


Campaign Facebook and Twitter name changes:

To reflect that the Campaign has grown in the last couple of months to amazing proportions – it is now not just the work of Hugo, but also a number of Campaign volunteers! Social media is where this Campaign lies most, and to make it more streamlined and less about one person – we have changed our Twitter and Facebook usernames:

Twitter Handle: @HugosEarthquake (
For all Followers of the old @HugoSugg account, you do not to do anything as it has been transferred over)

Facebook Page:
Hashtag: #HugosEarthquake

If you would like to email the Campaign, the email address is still the same:

Look forward to hearing from you!
– Campaign Team

#SomewhereInSummer – from an idea, to petition, to headline news!

So tonight the #SomewhereInSummer Campaign goes REGIONAL in the Midlands on ITV Central News! This is an amazing achievement for a campaign idea which started off as a little idea, a petition started (which you can sign) to a big commercial broadcaster coming to Worcester and filming myself and others for a news story.

Homelessness happens every hour of every day, of every week, of every year – and it doesn’t discriminate. Statistics from a local hostel have shown that the highest number referrals for the service have been in July so far… July being the start of summer, and a hot month. It is a fact that rough sleeping happens all the time but it is normally broadcast around winter-time when media and charities pick up the pace on it.

Last week I was in the Worcester News, yesterday I was on BBC Hereford and Worcester’s Breakfast Show and this morning I was filming for a news piece going out at 6pm! #SomewhereInSummer has grown to immense proportions and am very proud to have worked alongside St. Paul’s Hostel in Worcester and its very supportive Chief Executive, Jonathan Sutton.

There are many things #SomewhereInSummer is trying to do, and one of those has already happened – to help catapult the wider #HugosEarthquake Campaign into a more public spotlight!

I’m not going to say much more about what was said this morning, as I’m going to let the TV do the work! Any feedback about the Campaign or website is welcome – just drop me an email or Tweet.

If you would like to be involved in the Campaign in anyway or share your own experiences of helping homeless people during the summer, please do get in contact using the form below, it would be great to hear from you!


Thanks for reading the post – check out the ‘category’ tab on the left hand side for more blog posts from #HugosEarthquake!

See you soon,

#SomewhereInSummer: Media plea for summer rough sleep count

More media coverage has come out publicising my #SomewhereInSummer Campaign.
Worcester News reporter James Connell wrote an article which echoes my question ‘why don’t we do a summer rough sleep count?’. Homelessness is ever-changing and this isn’t reflected in compulsory Autumn counts the Local Authority has to do.

Official statistics show that homelessness is rising in the country, and Worcester:

“The Rough Sleeping Statistics for Autumn 2015, published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, recorded that rough sleeping was up, rising in England from 2,744 cases in 2014 to 3,569 in 2015.

Estimates therefore suggest that around 825 more people were rough sleeping in 2015 than 2014 in England, a rise of 30 per cent.

In Worcester there were 27 rough sleepers identified in 2015 (up from 22 the previous year)”

A good friend and key supporter of #HugosEarthquake, CEO of St Paul’s Hostel Jonathan Sutton, confirmed to myself and the newspaper that he would fully support the idea. Worcester City Council have also publicly declared they would be willing to assist anyone planning another count.

I would like to call on supporters of this idea to sign the following official petition launched by this Campaign:

Read the full Worcester News article here

Thank you for supporting #SomewhereInSummer! We are changing lives every day, together.

Follow me on TwitterLike the Facebook Page or drop me an email.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: #ImPartOfTheEarthquake

Being a Grassroots Awareness Campaign means that it isn’t someone at the top who dictates or leads on their own – it means it’s a team effort!  I want you to show everyone that you support raising awareness of homelessness.
Copy the following when you post and tag your friends on Facebook/Twitter.

I support raising awareness of homelessness because →

• Print out the And I Support image from this blog post,
• Write your name,
• Write the reason you support the Campaign,
• Hold it up and get someone to take a snap,
• Upload it to Facebook and/or Twitter,
• Include the Hashtag #ImPartOfTheEarthquake
• Tag 5 friends or family in the post and
• Be part of an ever-growing homelessness awareness campaign!

THIS is Jess Anderson, a 20 year old Social Work BSc Honours student at the University of Gloucestershire (Worcester won against Glous. in Varsity AGAIN this year!). Today, she publicly declared that she supports #HugosEarthquake because:

“Individuals living on the street and do not have a home, need support for another chance at life! #Bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld”

Jess I support

Campaign supporter and advocate, Jess Anderson, posted her ‘I Support’ via #ImPartOfTheEarthquake on Facebook.

If you would like the campaign social media to share your #ImPartOfTheEarthquake picture, please do tag Hugo Sugg – Homeless Campaigner #HugosEarthquake on Facebook or

Thanks as ever for supporting the campaign in its 8th month!!!


6 Month Anniversary!!! 2 exciting announcements…

Wow… Lets just digest that for a moment. 6 months since this blog first started and my homeless experience was published for all to see…

Since then so much has happened! Social media growth, media coverage, a mention in Parliament, a live talk in Worcester City Centre, a campaign logo and societal views towards the homeless in Worcester (and beyond) being changed for the better! It’s been so eventful but also very emotional at times… Recounting my story to thousands, making friends, losing friends, being publically scrutinised have all happened – but have made me a better campaigner overall!

To celebrate the big 6 months – I have launched an official Campaign Facebook page: and started a fundraising campaign –! The fundraising is to help make the campaign grow and allow the messages to spread. The messages being:

>Wanting to help give homeless the voice they tend to lose when they end up being kicked out or losing their home.
> Through the campaign, I want to help fight the stigma that homeless people get.
> Aim to change local and national policy in relation to the homeless population of the UK.
> “Get homelessness into the hearts of MP’s, like it’s in the heart of me” and finally,
> Grow the campaign into a grassroots movement which shares one goal, and that is making the homeless have a voice and get the support they really need.

The fundraising will allow me to go to London and other places an help spread the good work of raising awareness and changing attitudes towards the homeless. I will be completely open, honest and transparent about the costings of the campaign, will publish my receipts and also open a separate bank account for all donations.
Note: I will not be using any donations as ‘wages’ or salary.

The campaign so far has been free or entirely self-funded however as it keeps growing, funding is needed to turn it into a grassroots movement which spreads further than just Worcester. ANY donation is welcomed and whatever the amount – I promise it will be put to good use… I welcome you to ask me to prove where it’s going at any time.

Keep updated with what your funds are being used for via the new Facebook page!

It’s been an amazing 6 months and I can’t thank you enough. I really appreciate the support you have given me, and look forward to working for another 6 months and more!
Please give the Facebook page a Like, my Twitter a follow and consider giving what you can afford to #HugosEarthquake.

Thank you so much! And don’t forget to email me if you have any questions:
Hugo x